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How to Get Rid of Loose Skin after Pregnancy? 

Giving birth changes your body in many a ways. There are numerous alterations that your body goes through: inside and out. Soon after pregnancy, it’s natural to start worrying about the weight gain. Most women start almost immediately with weight loss and training programs. Many…


How to Bleach Your Skin Naturally at Home 

Due of numerous reasons, skin can lose its natural color and glow. From pollution to night food, many things affect our skin. To solve this problem bleaching is one of the most effective remedies. However, over the counter bleaches contain various chemicals which is not…


How to Do Anulom Vilom? 

It’s really true that health is wealth. And, in this era, the rate at which health problems are rising is a sign of alert for everyone. The major cause of health issues is STRESS nowadays. Everyone has a different definition of stress, some get stressed…


How to do kapalbhati 

The desire for a calm mind and a healthy body! Try yoga. This one exercise can help you in the number of ways. Kapalbhati, one of the very famous yoga exercise can help you lose weight, release stress, cure breast cancer, improve sex life, improve…


How to Lose Face and Neck Fat without Surgery? 

Face is the first thing that one notices about someone. Defined jawlines and sleek cheekbones are everyone’s dream out there. Browsing through beauty advertisements and magazines, wanting a perfectly sculpted face is but natural. However, with age and the lifestyle that we seem to follow…