U.S. investigating power-assisted steering failure complaints in older Ram pickup trucks

U.S. investigating power-assisted steering failure complaints in older Ram pickup trucks

When it comes to vehicle safety, power-assisted steering plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth handling and maneuverability. Recently, concerns have arisen about power-assisted steering failures in older Ram pickup trucks, prompting a U.S. investigation. The potential risks associated with such failures highlight the importance of vehicle safety and regulatory oversight. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of the investigation, explore the reasons behind the steering failure complaints, and discuss the broader implications for vehicle safety.

The U.S. Investigation: An Overview

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated an investigation into complaints of power-assisted steering failures in older Ram pickup trucks. The investigation focuses on vehicles from model years 2015 to 2017, which are equipped with electric power-assisted steering systems. According to reports, drivers have alleged that the power steering assist can suddenly fail, leading to increased steering effort and potential safety risks while driving.

The NHTSA’s investigation aims to identify the scope and nature of the steering failure concerns, assess potential safety implications, and determine whether a recall or other corrective action is warranted to address the reported issues.

Reasons Behind the Steering Failure Complaints

Several factors could contribute to the reported power-assisted steering failures in older Ram pickup trucks:

  1. Technical Malfunctions: Complex systems like power-assisted steering rely on intricate electronics and components. Malfunctions in sensors, control modules, or other components could lead to sudden power steering failures.
  2. Wear and Tear: Over time, mechanical components can experience wear and tear. If critical components that contribute to power-assisted steering degrade or fail, it can impact the overall functionality of the system.
  3. Manufacturing Defects: Defects that originate during the manufacturing process can compromise the reliability and performance of power-assisted steering systems.
  4. Environmental Factors: Extreme weather conditions, exposure to moisture, and other environmental factors could potentially affect the performance of electronic components within the power steering system.
  5. Maintenance and Inspection: Regular maintenance and inspection are crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues with power-assisted steering systems. Neglecting these maintenance practices could exacerbate existing problems.

Implications for Vehicle Safety

  1. Driver Safety: Power-assisted steering is designed to provide drivers with the necessary control and ease of steering. Failures in the system can lead to increased steering effort, which could potentially result in loss of control and accidents.
  2. Road Safety: Vehicle safety is not only about the well-being of the driver but also about the safety of other road users. Sudden steering failures could lead to unpredictable vehicle movements that endanger other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  3. Regulatory Oversight: Investigations like this highlight the importance of regulatory bodies like the NHTSA in ensuring vehicle safety. Such oversight helps identify potential risks, enforce safety standards, and hold manufacturers accountable for addressing safety concerns.
  4. Manufacturer Responsibility: Vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to design, produce, and maintain vehicles that meet safety standards and deliver reliable performance. Addressing reported safety concerns is crucial for maintaining public trust and safety.
  5. Recalls and Corrective Actions: If the investigation reveals widespread or critical safety issues, the NHTSA might recommend recalls or other corrective actions to address the steering failures. This ensures that affected vehicles are repaired or modified to prevent accidents.

Navigating Vehicle Safety

  1. Regular Maintenance: Vehicle owners should prioritize regular maintenance and inspections to identify and address potential issues, including those related to power-assisted steering systems.
  2. Reporting Concerns: If drivers experience unusual steering behavior or issues, they should promptly report them to the manufacturer and regulatory authorities. Reporting concerns contributes to the early identification and resolution of safety issues.
  3. Stay Informed: Keeping abreast of vehicle safety recalls, investigations, and safety advisories helps vehicle owners make informed decisions about their vehicles’ condition and potential risks.
  4. Manufacturer Communication: Vehicle manufacturers should communicate openly with customers about safety concerns, recalls, and corrective actions. Transparent communication fosters trust and ensures that customers are aware of potential risks.


The U.S. investigation into power-assisted steering failures in older Ram pickup trucks underscores the critical role of vehicle safety in protecting drivers, passengers, and others on the road. Steering systems are fundamental to safe vehicle operation, and any failure in these systems can lead to accidents with serious consequences. As the investigation progresses, both regulatory bodies and manufacturers need to collaborate and address the reported concerns to ensure the safety and well-being of vehicle users. By identifying potential risks, enforcing safety standards, and maintaining open communication, the automotive industry can continue to enhance vehicle safety and uphold the trust of consumers who rely on their vehicles every day.

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