How to Generate SBI ATM PIN

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN

To simplify the process of generating or changing their ATM PIN, SBI offers the green pin facility to all its clients.
This confidential 4-digit PIN ensures the security of SBI account holders by authorizing all withdrawals, online transactions, and other activities, thereby protecting them from unauthorized transactions.


SBI offers various types of debit cards to its customers. Here is an overview of the different SBI debit cards and their benefits:


1) SBI IOCL Co-branded Contactless Credit Card: This RuPay debit card is contactless and equipped with an EMV chip for enhanced security. It is available to both new and existing SBI customers. Cardholders can earn additional reward points at IOCL retail outlets.

2) SBI My Card International: This SBI My International debit card features an EMV chip and allows cashless shopping without the need to carry cash.

3) SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card: The State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card serves as a payment and access card for Mumbai Metro commuters. It eliminates the need to queue for tickets and can be used for online purchases, payments, and cash withdrawals in India and globally.

4) SBI Global International Debit Card: With an embedded EMV chip, the State Bank Global International Debit Card provides comprehensive security against fraudulent transactions. Cardholders can enjoy cashless shopping worldwide and earn Freedom Rewards points on every debit card purchase.

5) SBI Gold International Debit Card: The State Bank Gold International Debit Card offers flexibility for point-of-sale and online transactions, with a transaction limit of Rs. 2 lakhs. Cardholders receive complimentary life insurance coverage and purchase protection insurance for up to Rs. 5000/-.

6) SBI Platinum International Debit Card: As a Platinum member of SBI, cardholders can use the State Bank Platinum International Debit Card for purchasing goods, booking flights, paying bills, and conducting online transactions. Triple reward points can be earned by making three consecutive purchases. The card also provides complimentary life insurance coverage and purchase protection insurance.


SBI ATM PIN Generation:

SBI has introduced the Green PIN initiative to simplify the process of generating or changing the ATM PIN. Instead of traditional PIN mailers, customers can now generate their PIN using various methods.

Here are the ways to generate SBI ATM PIN:

1) Through SBI ATM Vestibule: Visit an SBI ATM vestibule.
2) Through SMS: Send an SMS to the designated number using your registered phone number.
3) Through Customer Care Service: Call the customer support number for assistance in PIN generation.
4) Through Internet Banking Services: Use the SBI Internet banking portal to generate your PIN.

The procedure for generating SBI ATM PIN through an ATM:

Step 1: Insert your debit card into an SBI ATM.
Step 2: Select the option for PIN Generation.
Step 3: Enter your 11-digit account number and confirm.
Step 4: Provide your registered mobile number and confirm.
Step 5: You will receive a Green PIN on your registered number.
Step 6: Remove your card and insert it again to generate the actual debit card PIN using the Green PIN.
Step 7: Enter the OTP received on your phone number.
Step 8: Choose the PIN Change option and select the transaction.
Step 9: Enter your preferred 4-digit PIN.
Step 10: If the process is successful, you will receive a message confirming the PIN change.

SBI ATM PIN can also be generated through SMS by sending a specific message to the designated number. Internet banking users can generate their PIN through the SBI online portal.

By adopting the Green PIN initiative, SBI aims to eliminate the risks and inconveniences associated with traditional PIN mailers and offer customers a simpler and more secure way to generate their ATM PIN.


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