5 Ways to Help Your Diet Become a Way of Life

5 Ways to Help Your Diet Become a Way of Life

Help Your Diet with us, Say goodbye to traditional “diets” and try these tips to make your eating habits healthy and sustainable for life.

Many times, we start with big intentions to lose weight and eat better, but we often end up reverting to our old habits within a week or two. Crash diets and deprivation don’t work, and who wants to give up their favorite foods anyway?

So, how can you make your desire for healthy eating and weight loss last?


Follow these five tips to turn your weight-loss plan into a long-term strategy for healthy eating.


1. First, don’t give up your favorite foods. You don’t have to say goodbye to them completely. Enjoying a small treat every day can help you stick to your diet and feel better about your choices. Research has shown that a small daily treat doesn’t ruin weight-loss efforts. Your favorite foods can still fit into your diet.

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2. Instead of eliminating indulgent foods like brownies and ice cream, have smaller portions. If you love pasta, try adding vegetables to your plate to bulk up your serving instead of doubling up on pasta. Skip treats that you’re not excited about, but don’t cut out the foods you truly love. Of course, your diet should mainly consist of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, but it’s okay to make room for some of your favorite treats too.

3. To stick with your healthy-eating plan, focus on foods that keep you satisfied. Feeling hungry all the time makes it difficult to stay on track. Three nutrients that can help you feel full are protein, fat, and fiber. Good sources of protein include plain Greek yogurt, chicken breast, tuna, tofu, and almonds. Don’t fear fat, as it serves a purpose and can be satisfying. Include healthy fats in your diet, such as olive oil, nuts, nut butter, and avocados. To increase your fiber intake, choose whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Not only are they high in fiber, but they are also generally low in calories.

4. Instead of making drastic changes like eliminating entire food groups or exercising every day of the week, start with small changes that can become permanent habits. Trying to change everything all at once sets you up for failure. Set one or two small goals each week for healthy changes you’d like to make. It could be something as simple as drinking a glass of water when you wake up, adding a serving of vegetables to your lunch, or going to bed 30 minutes earlier. Small changes add up over time and help you establish healthier eating as a way of life, without relying on short-term crash diets.

5. Rather than aiming for perfection, be realistic with your eating plan. You don’t have to eat perfectly to lose weight. Focus on eating well and making sustainable choices. Set achievable goals for the week, such as packing a healthy lunch for a few days, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Indulgences are bound to happen. When they do, just get right back on track. Remember that one meal or slip-up doesn’t undo all of your efforts. Don’t wait until Monday or give up on your healthy eating habits altogether. Treat setbacks as small blips and refocus on eating foods that make you feel good. This will set you up for long-term success.

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