Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you are only a month into a relationship. Sounds a little problematic right? Couples worldwide wait for this annual celebration of love so to it’s more than obvious that you would want to have a special day of your own. But Valentine can feel awkward with someone you’ve known only for a few weeks. The thought of approaching your brand new bae for Valentine can turn the loving holiday into a dreaded day.

How do you take a days old relationship to that level? How do you know if it’s alright to ask for a special night from someone who you don’t know that well yet? A simple straight forward conversation help you out. Ask yourself what you really want and plan accordingly. If you get each other well then it should not be a problem. Tell them that you can keep it low-key and have a simple outing or a romantic dinner someplace nice.

Try not to sound too much even if you want to do it big, you may sound a little too pushy and scare a potential partner away. If they want to keep it low key too then well and good, if not they will come up with their plans they had in mind once they see your anticipation. This way, you can both open up to each other without having to rush into anything. Grand surprises are always great but you can save that for later when you each other better. Till then little romantic gestures shall be enough to figure out where you are in the relationship.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re In a New Relationship

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get swept away by the red and pink fever around. Don’t let that happen. Keep things easy and keep your new relationship smooth. Let the dating phase take its time. The transition of a free flowing dating period to an intense relationship takes time. Let your feelings for each other grow. Once you feel you both are at a better place where you can really connect with each other, you can let the feel of these Hallmark holidays take over.

If you’re still thinking of planning a low key Valentine’s outing then we have got ideas that you can certainly take inspirations from. Check it how:

1. Take Them on A Tour of Your City

Tour of Your City

This may sound a little weird but think about all the places special about your city and its history. Become the guide and take them to an all day tour of your own city even if they are a localite as well. The idea to not just visit places but learn more about each other’s likings and disliking amidst the breathing heart of the city. You can learn a lot about a person when you travel together. Make the best of it. Explore the food, market, architecture and traditions of your city in an all new light.

2. Board Games

Play Some Board Games Together

Keep it extremely light. Call them over and play some board games. Play Scrabble or Monopoly whichever you like. Make your own rules, add some humor, flirt with each other, keep it fun. The idea is to let it be fun without the need to go over the board for the sake of Valentine’s Day. Engage in conversation, let the chemistry between you blossom.

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3. Have A Picnic

Have A Picnic

Arranging a picnic is not difficult. How to make it special then? Prepare a platter of your date’s favorite food, drinks and games. Select a quiet and clean place so you can have a quality time together. Keep your smartphones aside. Talk. A lot! Bring a Polaroid camera and take instant pictures. Check the weather forecast, if it’s bound to get cold then bring supplies and set station by a DIY fireplace. This will be an ideal low key outing for Valentine’s Eve that will bring you closer.

4. Go on A Hike

Go on A Hike

Frankly, there is no absolutely no one who doesn’t like traveling! We all have our different ways but we all love it don’t we? Give your partner a memorable day out. Planning a long trip in weekdays can be difficult. So instead of a miles away location, select one in vicinity. A small hiking trip that lasts a day can be good for both of you. Adjust the time so you can catch either the sunrise or sunset. Take a picture of the moment. This will make the day more special.


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5. Movie Night

movie night ideas for couples

We’re not suggesting that usual go-out-to-see-the-latest-flick date. Plan a movie night at home. Make it comfy with cushions, blankets, load of snacks and drinks. Find out your date’s favorite classics, TV shows or any movies you both love and watch it together. Let each other know what you love about the movie. Keep it engaging. It should not become a dead night with some noises in the background. This is great way to learn and appreciate each other’s tastes. Make the best of it.

6. Learn Something New Together

Learn Something New Together

Doing things together make you connect but doing something completely new for both of you can make it even better. Enroll in a one day or week class of any art that you both want to try. Cooking, dance class, sketching, pottery, photography, there are many options that you can choose from. This is a great way to spend some time with your new bae and learn about them in the process.

7. Volunteer


There are many causes and organizations that you can volunteer to help at. Visit a blood donation camp, spend some time at an orphanage or old age home, donate something for special children or read to them, visit a temple and help feed the hungry. It will not only give you both a cause to contribute together to but also understand each other better. This is simply a good gesture where you can let your partner know that you understand the newness of the relationship so you are not going the high romantic way but you still want to spend the day with them.


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8. Plan A Nice and Quiet Time Together at Home

Plan A Nice and Quiet Time Together at Home

If you feel all these are too much and you are running out of ideas, keep it simple. Pick them up from work and bring them over. Set a table for two beforehand. Fresh flowers along with some good wine and 2 glasses. Keep fresh ingredients ready in the kitchen. Convince them to join you and cook something together. You will be surprised by how normal yet intimate cooking can be amidst conversations and sips of wine. Food is the best way to bond over. When you do it with each other, it only gets better. This is going to be the plainest yet special way to spend the day of love together without pushing it too much.

With these cool low key date ideas make your bae feel special without having to where you stand in that relationship. Keep it light but most of all, keep it fun. Get creative. Don’t let the spark die if you plan to take it further.