To fall in love is amazing yes! But it’s not enough to keep a relationship alive. We all have love to give. It’s the receiving that becomes the problem. In this modern world with superficial standards, young men and women grow with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and self-doubt. These are little things that can make your relationship turn toxic over time.

Many people make the mistake of putting extra efforts and run out of breath trying to save the love that they forget it’s the people in the relationship who can save it. They spend so much time investing in giving love that they are unable to save any for themselves. This is the beginning of the end because it stops you from being the person you initially were in the relationship.

It’s important to love oneself also even when you’re in a relationship. When you love yourself, you are ready to be at the receiving end. You accept love freely but how do you do that? How do you give attention to both yourself and your partner? Check it how:

spare-time-activities-campingSpare Time for Yourself

 We cannot stress enough on the importance of solitude. Make a habit to sit alone for some time every day. You are already spending a lot of time with and for your partner. Spare some moments for yourself as well. It’s important for self-growth. You invest so much into making your relationship work that you forget your own individuality. Meditate, talk to the mirror, sit in a park or just have a wine of glass at the terrace alone. In this time, speculate about what you are, who you are and what you want to be. Remind yourself of your qualities and drawbacks and what you can do to be better person.


Communication is Key

Talk to each other. Learn that the more you communicate, the easier it will become to share your feelings with each other. Fleeting changes are normal in any relationship. Every relationship goes through a honeymoon phase where you like everything about each other.

As time passes, there comes a moment when you start feeling lost. It’s wonderful to find the one for you but to lose yourself in the process of loving them can be harmful. When you have an understanding and supportive partner, count it as a blessing. Indulge in conversations and discussions where you can freely let each other know how you are feeling. This way, you can both give each other the space to grow while supporting each other in the process.

 Make Time for Your Friends

Like mentioned earlier, there’s a honeymoon phase in every relationship where you love everything about each other. You want to spend every moment together. It is natural. Enjoy it while it lasts. These are the golden days of a relationship that you will always look back to. Taste it.

Once you grow accustomed to each other’s existence, take some time off from each other and start going back to the things you did when you were single.

Your friends, your family are people who know you in and out. When you spend time with them, you can let loose. This way you can acknowledge your identity as a unique individual and love that side of you.

 Don’t Lose Focus

It’s normal to be so into a relationship that you lose focus from your own self. You become so involved into the other’s life that you forget you have your own destination to reach. Planning a future together is beautiful and part of the deal but you should not let go of the things you wanted to do before them. Keep your eyes and mind set on your career and the goals you set for yourself before they entered.

 Draw A Line

Conflicts are natural between couples. But there should be boundaries on how far you can go in treating each other. No matter how much you are in love, never encourage bad behavior from them. Once you let inconsiderate actions and words pass, they will think it’s okay to treat you however they want. Over time, this will become a habit and you will start accepting it. This way you lose self-respect. Soon you will start justifying their actions and think that you deserve it. This can turn a loving relationship toxic pretty soon.

 Please Yourself

Yes you do everything for your significant other. But aren’t you your own significant self? Give your partner attention but don’t forget yourself in the process. If they see you giving yourself less priority, they will start doing that as well. Everyone loves a confident and focused person. Treat yourself like you want to be treated. Be your own king and queen. Isn’t that why they fell in love with you in the first place? Treat yourself as a treasure and your partner will love you more so they won’t lose a gem like you.


To be in love is wonderful but it is also easy to get lost in it. Keep these little things in mind and you will be able to hold your ground. Never forget the more grounded you are, the more open you can be in giving and receiving love. This will not only help you as an individual but also your relationship.