Valentine’s week is almost here and the preparations are in full swing. This is the time to shower your loved one with flattering gifts and affectionate gestures. After a romantic proposal, rose bouquets and chocolate hampers, it’s now time for some cuddly teddy bears.

 Celebrated on the 10th of February, Teddy Day is all about fluffy soft toys and teddies. This is the day to tell your partner that you love them and will always be there by their side. Teddy symbolizes companionship. By gifting your partner a teddy, you tell them that you will be their true companion till the end. No matter how young or old, age has got no bars when it comes to soft toys! The innocent face of a teddy can make anyone cheer with its cuteness.


In our earlier article, we told you how every color and arrangement of rose has a different meaning and how that can help you express your feelings to your loved one. Teddies come in various sizes and colors, each harboring a different meaning. If you are aware of your lover’s favorite then you can always go for that. But if you don’t, then you can choose one accordingly and let it do all the talking: 

What does color of teddies say?

Pink Teddy

Mostly seen in pink, Valentine teddies are special on their own. Pink is the color of  affirmation, that is, it means yes! If someone proposes you and you don’t know how to answer them, just give them a pink teddy and they will know it’s a YES! . This life size 5 feet tall pink teddy is a perfect choice for your partner. This is a hug from you to your loved one in tangible form.


Red Teddy

Red is the color of love and passion. This is an ideal option for those who are already dating each other or have been together for a long time. Red teddy represents the intense love and passion you have for your partner. This deep Red teddy with Heart and T-Shirt can be a perfect gift for you to gift your darling this teddy day.


Orange Teddy

 Orange or peach expresses liking and fondness like none other. Orange teddy is the ideal gift to give this Teddy day if you want to tell your crush that you want to take things to the next level. This cute little Orange teddy shaped cushion is a good idea if you want to be a little different and not stick to the usual huge soft toy. On the other hand, if someone gives you an orange teddy this Valentine week, be ready to expect a proposal soon.


White Teddy

 White is the color of purity and innocence. So this might not be the ideal pick during Valentine’s week. White teddy suggests that you are already in a relationship with someone. White teddies are undoubtedly very cute and innocent so it’s a good choice for married couples who are trying to convey that they are deeply in love and true to each other. Take this teddy for example with the option of a personalized message. What better way to express your love?


Brown Teddy

 The rustic charm of brown teddies is hard to miss but this is one you should stay away from this Valentine. Brown teddy convey that you have broken his or her heart. Not the best option right?

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re In a New Relationship

Blue Teddy

Blue is the color of both the sky and water which signifies your partner means the world to you. Blue teddy sends the message that you love them deeply and are truly invested in your relationship. Sounds deep? Make it special by gifting them this cute little fella with an attached I love you message heart.


Black Teddy

Black is strictly a no this Valentine or the coming ones! If you get a black teddy it simply says you’ve run out of luck! You definitely don’t want that do you?


How to Celebrate Teddy day

This Teddy Day is the perfect excuse to take your partner out on a date. Not everyone likes teddies and soft toys so you can gift them teddy shaped chocolates and cupcakes because who doesn’t love good food right? There are many small teddy gift sets available in the market that are perfect for those who like a little souvenir.

Furthermore, there’s always a nice dinner date, a stroll out in the city, window shopping or even a quiet night at the roof of your house that you can try to make the day count. After all, it’s not the things you do or the gifts you buy that matter but the quality time you spend with each other. Indulge in conversations because nothing brings two people closer than a quality talk. Make each other laugh, watch an old classic you both enjoy or cook together so it becomes a day to remember forever.