Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we know you want to make it special for your loved one. It all starts with a sweet fragrant start on Rose Day. Rose day is all about expressing your love and emotions to your special one in ways they won’t forget. Celebrated on 7th February, Rose Day calls for a blooming beginning to your relationship. It is specially a big day for youngsters who stare from distance wondering how to convey their feelings to the one they love. This is the perfect day for those people to make a start. Presenting a rose with a few words of affection can go a long way.


Why Roses?

Roses are considered the queen of flowers for a reason. It’s not just the beauty of this flower but the symbolism it holds that makes it the chosen one for lovers. Roses are considered a symbol of love for various mythological reasons. The most popular being the one that the word rose can be rearranged to ‘Eros’ who is the Greek god of love and sensuality. Also, it is believed that red rose is the favorite flower of the Greek Goddess of love, Venus. Roses represent love in its purest form.


The different colors of roses also play a significant role as well. While Red Roses are universally known to be the one for love and romance, there are other colors too that can help you send your message along.

Pink roses symbolize admiration and gratitude which is good pick if you want to tell your lover how much you admire them.


Orange Roses are all about passion so you can gift these to represent the passion with which you love your special one.


Yellow Roses are perfect for those who want to show how much they respect the shared friendship.


White Roses show the innocence and purity with which you love your partner.



Furthermore, there are also numbers of roses that can play a role in sending across your message.


“One Rose shows how you fell in love at first sight.”




“Two Roses express the deeply shared love between you too.”




Three Roses are the simplest way of saying “I Love You”.




Six Roses say you are deeply infatuated with them.




 Nine roses are about long lasting eternal love.




 Bouquet of Ten Roses convey that they are absolutely perfect.


Surprised by how a smart arrangement of colors and quantity can make a unique love letter? Take these clues to give your loved one a Rose Day to remember forever.


How to Celebrate Rose Day?

Wake up your partner with a sweet kiss and a plain red rose. A sweet wake-up call should suffice for those who are in long distance relationships or are unable to meet their other halves. Don’t forget to express how grateful you are to be able to spend such mornings with your loved one. Slip in an “I Love You” note in your partner’s wallet or purse with another rose. It will surely bring a smile to their face when they open their bags and see the others around swoon over your little surprise.


Plan for a pre-arranged bouquet of fresh roses to be delivered to them during their work hours. Book a table at a chic restaurant and shower them with roses. This is also a great day for gifting something. This artificial flower and greeting card set is a perfect gift for your girl to show how much you adore her. This flower will last forever and through the greeting card, you can express your emotions on paper that she will cherish overtime.  For those youngsters a little low on the budget, this inexpensive yet beautiful copper bracelet  shall make a perfect gift that she can wear to college every day.

For boyfriends, you can take a look at this handcrafted postcard set with cute little love messages that will definitely bring a smile to their face. This couple ring set with rose shaped gift box is also a great gifting idea that you both can share. Don’t forget to send your partner love messages throughout the day so they can be reminded that you are thinking of them. To make it more worth remembering, you can both go to orphanages, old age homes and hospitals with roses so you can make the day special for them and yourself.

While these are just some ideas that you can take to make your day special, you can always get creative and plan things for your partner that you know they will love. After all, Valentine’s is all about doing things together!