The week long celebration of love is about to arrive soon. Valentine’s day is going to be here soon. Have you let your loved one know how much you love them? If not, this year mark the date and take the first step ahead to a loving relationship.

The second day of the much awaited Valentine week, Propose Day falls on February 8th, marking the second step to pursuing your love. While some may think proposing is for those who haven’t had the chance to express their feelings to their crush or friend, Propose Day is also a good day to tell your partner how much you adore them even after years of togetherness. Valentine is all about celebrating love no matter how much time has passed.


How to Celebrate Propose Day?

Want to tell someone you love them? Get down to your knees and make a grand proposal that they won’t be able to turn down. It has almost become a tradition taught by cult classics to bend the knee and present a cliché gift to the other. You can surely do the same but it’s always a better idea to get creative and come up with something unique to woo your special one. After all, this is the day that you both will take things to the next level so why not make it so special it remains in your hearts forever? The more well thought out your idea is, the more special will it be? We have brought you some cool Propose Day ideas that you can take clues from while planning your proposal !

Flowers are always a great way to start a romantic conversation. Very cliché yes!  But what beats the emotion expressed by a bunch of fragrant flowers? Bring her a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, preferably roses or any other kind that she likes. Precious orchids are also a chic option that you can definitely try.

Good at cooking? Bake her something special like cupcakes or cookies so she will appreciate the gesture and effort that you put in. If you are not a pro at cooking, you can also buy some from her favorite bake house. She will definitely swoon over the fact that you remembered her favorite brand and flavor.

It is usually believed that it’s the man who takes the effort to put up the question. Let us convince you that it is a myth! If you love someone let them know.

Coming Propose Day tell him what you feel for him. Cook him a nice dinner and express your love over a dim candle lit meal. Remember how they always say the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach? Well we can’t disagree! Prepare him a full-fledged meal of items he loves and watch his knees melt with affection when he sees the effort you put in.

What’s best? This way you don’t spend a dime and beat the cliché tradition of going out to eat. Lost what and how to cook? Get detailed step to step recipes of Indian cuisine from celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor from this book and woo him with the taste of your hand. Food is a great way to bond over. Make it fun by striking conversations and discussions on things that he or both of you enjoy. When the time feels right, get to the chase and tell them how you feel.

Furthermore, you can also surprise them along with unique proposal gifts because what else says I love you better than sweet little gestures? For a big surprise, you can always plan things ahead. Take snapshots every day of the prior month collecting moments you spend together each other. A Fujifilm polaroid camera is good option to get instant images.

You can also present her with a ring in that classic old-fashioned way that they show in movies. A Silver Platinum plated crown ring is a perfect pick to show how she is the queen of your heart.

Another good option is a couple ring set with a fairytale reference of beauty and the beast. You can present her the ring and ask in return to make you wear the other.


A grand proposal idea could be flash mobs. Flash mobs are trending high and for all the right reasons! Tell your and their friends to come along together and prepare a nicely choreographed performance at a public place for that extra punch. Make sure that you videotape their reaction so a magical moment like that stays with you forever. You can also keep it grand yet personal by arranging a proposal at a private place you both love you hang out.

Plan a dinner date and arrange LED fairy lights  in the words “I Love You” so when they see it they know right away what you have in mind. A light writing proposal is extremely creative and unique which will make their heart melt with the thought. For a more creative way, you can present them this message in a bottle. This one is all sorts of creative and special that they will be surprised how well thought out your surprise is.

While these are just ideas to get your brain-a-running, never forget it’s always the effort that counts. Sit down and think what your partner would like. Plan accordingly and woo them in such romantic ways that won’t be able to turn you down!