The third day of the Valentine week, Chocolate day is all about pampering and spoiling each other with sweet delicacies. We all have a sweet tooth and Chocolate Day is all about embracing it. Falls on the 9th of February, Chocolate day is the perfect excuse to make your partner feel special.

Every girl likes a surprise filled with the bittersweet goodness of cocoa. So why not give her a treat filled with everything sweet and chocolaty? Since it’s the weekend, it’s the perfect day to give your girl all the attention she deserves.

In the eve of Valentine’s, there’s all new varieties of gifts available in the market. Chocolate day also brings new and creative kinds of chocolates that you can gift to your loved one. After all, what else can show affection better than a curated collection of sweet chocolaty delicacies?


How to Celebrate Chocolate Day

 Homemade Chocolate

Make a good start to a romantic weekend with a filling breakfast of fresh fruits and chocolate muffins on the side. Take break from stores and bakeries. Make your weekend count by spending some quality time and cooking something together. Get this recipe book with 500 classic chocolate recipes  and cook something that you both love.

Cooking is a great way to bond over. When you cook something together, it helps you come closer. With the little things you learn a lot about each other. Homemade recipes will make you appreciate each other’s presence too.


Chocolate Hampers

Who doesn’t love a nice box of chocolates? We all do! Which is why gifting your partner a cool collection of sweet goodies is never a bad option. This Zoruy Luxury Silk Chocolate hamper  with premium chocolates is one that your other half will definitely love.

For the one who loves a little variety, this box of assorted chocolates by Zevic  is a perfect pick any day! For the die-hard romantics, this rose along with Chocholik Belgium Chocolates is a great present. A rose and chocolate, what could be more flattering for your girl?


Drink Up

  Plan a quiet night, have nice home cooked dinner or a take out. Make it special by preparing chocolate cocktails. Romance and alcohol are quite a good combination if done right. Mix it up with some chocolate and it gets even better! This wonderful night will remain with your forever.

And of course one you’re tipsy enough, the night is going to become more delightful. If you’re lost on what to make, just mix up some vodka or your choice of alcohol to some hot chocolate and let that buzz take over. Serve them in these stylish glasses  for that chic bar-like vibe.


Gift Mug Set

Want to gift your partner a souvenir? A coffee mug filled with their favorite chocolates sounds good doesn’t it? This gift set is the perfect option with a mug, a card that says everything you want to say to your loved one and a cute teddy to keep close when you are apart.

Box of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love sweet little surprise? Arrange for a box of chocolates to be delivered to your partner’s workplace. This Assorted Chocolate Pieces box  sounds like a great pick. With different flavors, she/he is surely in for a little surprise every time they take a bite.


Find a Chocolatier

There are many chocolatiers that you can find near you if you wish to plan it something special. These are small independent businesses so you can find a great variety at lesser price. Explore the options they are offering, order something original and surprise your partner. Make it better by discussing various ideas. Throw in some flavors that your partner loves and take ideas on creating something new.


It’s not new to gift each other chocolates. How about giving away to people who need that affection? Plan a visit to a NGO, hospital or special school and give away chocolates so you can have Valentine week worth remembering in the years to come.

Visit A Chocolate Factory/Bakery

Buying and gifting chocolates is the usual stuff. This Chocolate Day, go out of your zone and find a chocolate factory where you can both spend time looking at the whole process of chocolate making and even lend a hand. After all, it’s all about making the day count while having fun right? If chocolate factory sounds too much or is difficult to find, find a bakery near you. Take your better half and grab some specials on the visit.