Valentine’s day is almost here and no wonder couples worldwide are preparing for this annual festival that calls for a special treatment to your loved one. With every day comes a new excuse to give your partner a Valentine special day they will cherish forever. While you don’t need a day to express your love but this annual celebration is a promise that you make to your lover. This is why Promise Day is one important day of the week-long celebration of Valentine. Promise day is all about telling your special one how much you love them and how you want to keep them with you forever. Couples around the world celebrate this day by letting them know that you intend to protect and preserve the love that they have endowed you with.

Significance of Promise Day

Celebrated on the 5th day of the week, Promise Day falls on the 11th of February. Couples worldwide express how they trust each other and want to keep the relationship they share. It is about letting their love grow while working towards a long lasting love. Why promises then, you ask? Because it is in these few words that you show your love and admiration for your partner. With just some words, you make a promise to let your love grow stronger with time. Promise are nothing but small ways to show your love.

What promises? Most people lose their way at this thought. Nothing too overboard, just simple promises that express your feelings in their purest and raw form. Promise your lover that you love them and will continue to do so no matter what. Promise them that you will trust them forever. Promise to support and help them through thick and thin.

Promise that you will not disappoint them and if you do then you will make efforts to make it right. Promise that you will always be true to them. Promise them you will not let any misunderstanding get in the way. Promise to become their best friend because the first step to budding love is a deep friendship.

Promise them that you will share all your happiness and sufferings together. Most of all, promise them you will never let anything make you grow apart and that you will love them till the end.

It does not end there. Once you have expressed your emotions, take a promise in return. Take a promise that they will stand with you and never give up on the love you share in any given situation.

How to celebrate Promise Day

Indigifts Valentines Cushion Cover
Indigifts Valentines Cushion Cover

Worldwide, couples enjoy Promise Day as milestone in their relationship be it old or new. Promise day is celebrated with the thought that you will give your partner the best of you. This is the day to dress up in red and walk on the streets together holding hands. Take your time to decide on what you’re going to wear, gift your partner and the places you are going to take them. Wake them up by promising to love them forever with this gift set of cushion, mug and greeting card.

Flowers are also a good option to gift your lover. Although it is a little clichéd, flowers will still make your partner smile wide. The one thing about being in love is that you can show love and passion without complicating it. It is not about the grandness of gesture but the effort and the thought that goes into doing something. This heart shaped bouquet of fresh red roses is a good option to surprise your love. Another great blooming gift is this bouquet of roses in different hues, all sending a unique message.

To make their day more special and keep them thinking of you, arrange for a delivery of this bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to their workplace or home. After all, what can be better than a bunch of chocolates to indulge in for those with a sweet tooth? Include a special message. Tell them how you will keep surprising them through life with little surprises like this. For a super romantic promise day, get this message pills gifts set and put each one with a different promise at random places. When they find it, they will love all the effort you went to.

For something unique and more promising than flowers, you can always resort to promise rings. Although a

Black Ring Titanium Stainless Steel
Black Ring Titanium Stainless Steel

very American concept, promise rings have certainly earned popularity recently. This beautiful gold plated ring set for him and hervis the perfect option in budget. Studded with zirconia stones, this one will surely woo your loved one with its beauty. For something less flashy and cooler, you can also go for this Black Titanium Ring Set for him and her with written inscriptions. This is the cutest way of saying that she is your queen and you are her king. This will also set another milestone for your relationship.

Plan a quiet dinner at home, cook for them or order take out. Spend some precious moments together. Share your deepest secrets and ask them theirs. Before going to bed, gift them this pinky promise pillow with the message to remain best friends forever. Perfect isn’t it? After all, love starts and grows with friendship. End the day on a sweet note with the promise to be there for each other.