Say It with A Kiss This Kiss Day!

Attention lovers! Valentine’s week is hardly a week away. The annual celebration of love is just around the corner. Are you ready to tell the one that they have your heart? Then say it right and say it with a kiss! That’s right. Just a day ahead of Valentine’s Day, this 13th of February will be the day when you can seal it with a kiss! After all, what other way to express love?

A sweet and delicate expression of love, a kiss is a beautiful expression of love, admiration and respect without words. It is also a beautiful way to show the passion you have for each other without being too pushy.

A little kiss fact? Kissing also has health benefits because it is a good exercise for your facial muscles! Furthermore, it releases good hormones in your body which help reduce your stress, burn calories, control your cholesterol level and save your heart from major diseases. Can it get any better?

How to Celebrate Kiss Day?

Wine Glass Set
Wine Glass Set

All that said, let’s not forget that kissing is an art and you cannot just kiss your girl headfirst! There has to be pattern. You have to set the mood and set it right for it to happen. So how do you do that? We have got some ideas for you that will help you plan a kiss day date like no other. Check it how:

Since this is the Valentine’s week, there should be nothing holding you back. Go over the top. Do everything you always wanted to. Wake her/him up with a kiss. Even better, wake them with a shower of little kisses. A peck on the cheek, forehead, ears, eyes and of course lips! They should feel cherished. Keep it sweet, keep it simple but most of all keep it passionate. They should be able to feel the intensity of your emotions.

For couples living apart, plan a cozy evening together. Pick them up after hours. Take them out for a lavish dinner. Steal a peck once in a while driving to places, in the parking lots, stairs or elevators. Make them feel like you are the only one who has your attention. Shower them with little gestures like these and they will see how much you are head over heels in love.

Wine Glass
Wine Glass

If you want to keep it private, book a hotel, order take out dinner of their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurant. Bring some wine for that intoxicating romantic vibe. Get these classic wine glasses to accompany your wine. Look into each other’s eyes, clink glasses and take a sip. Talk about how you met, how you both have evolved with each other and how you make each other feel complete. Dim the lights and set the mood. Lean in closer and kiss them lightly on the lips. Wait for their reaction for a second or two.

If you cannot feel any inhibitions from them, lean in and kiss them passionately. Let your energies and all your emotions reflect in that one kiss. After all like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. once said,

The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer

Happy Kiss Day!!