It’s not unusual to see people struggling with every day mental and physical illnesses due to the lifestyle prevalent currently. A simple activity like gardening can prove to be good for your life. In a time brimming with technology, you will be surprised by how spending a few hours with nature can do so much for you. While gardening is usually seen as a hobby for retired fellows, we urge you to take gardening as an everyday affair. It is not only essential for nature in today’s world but also a great workout for your body and soul. Want to know how? Read on to find out:


Gardening and Mental Health-Stress-Reliever


Amidst the constant juggling between work, family and friends, stress has almost become an add-on in today’s lifestyle. By tending to your lawn and garden, you can greatly reduce stress to a lower level. As per research and surveys, gardening was found to reduce cortisol levels immensely. Cortisol is the prime hormone that induces stress in the human body. Can you imagine how only 30 minutes of gardening can eventually lead to better mental health status for you?


Better Immunity


According to research, getting that dirt on is actually goof for you. Apparently, the bacteria in soil called Mycobacterium vaccae can do wonders for your immune system. Found to mitigate chances of psoriasis, numerous kinds of allergies, asthma and depression, gardening can actually strengthen your body for many health threatening problems.


A Healthy Workout


Maintaining a garden can actually give your body a good boost. Gardening can be a good physical exercise that you will thoroughly benefit from. Good bone health, diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and many types of cancer are just some of the advantages of gardening.

Not just that, in the prevalent lifestyle it is more than necessary to have an intense physical activity for a perfectly functioning body. All those hours sitting in front of the laptop can be hazardous for your health in the long run. By giving you garden a few minutes, you can cut down on the negative effects of the current living standards.


Sleep Well

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the mandatory things needed for a healthy body and mind. It’s no news that just a little amount of exertion can help you sleep better. Gardening can be that daily exercise for you. Not just the exertion, but the fresh air can also help calm your nerves and brain. When you are relaxed, it can help you sleep sound. So grab your garden shovels and get a good night’s sleep.


Eat Fresh


The most rewarding thing of gardening has to be the fresh results! Take your gardening habit to another level and invest your energies into growing your own kitchen supplies. What’s more, you will not only get to eat fresh unadulterated fruits and vegetables but also save a good amount of cash by growing your own food.

Gardening will be costly in the initial stage but once you get a hold of it, you can actually grow exotic produce on your own and relish the hard work you put in. You can also keep this produce for all year round with canning, freezing and pickling techniques.


Human Experience


You will be surprised by how gardening can prove to be a pleasant learning experience for you. When you tend the soil, bury the seeds, water them, watch them grow and cherish them, you learn to take care of a little thing. A living plant can teach you a lot about life and nourishment.

It can teach you about responsibility and patience. Taking care of a breathing lawn and garden is a joy that you will rejoice in. When you see your hard work bear fruit, you will experience sheer happiness that is so pure it will rejuvenate you. Include children from your home or neighborhood and make it better. Teach them how you grow your produce. It will become an even more rewarding experience to learn while helping the little ones.


A Happy Heart

Remember we told you about Mycobacterium vaccae earlier? Turns out inhaling the bacteria can boost the levels of serotonin in your system which in turn helps in reducing anxiety. A few minutes in your garden can actually make you feel genuinely happy.

This joy can contribute to a healthy heart. A relaxed mind and exhausted body can help you mend your heart problems which is extremely beneficial in the long run. As per studies, gardening can also cut down heart stroke and attack risks by 30%! The exposure to the sun will also give you the necessary sunshine to absorb enough vitamin D for healthy joints and reduced risks of heart related and other diseases.


Mend Your Mind


We cannot stress enough on the importance of a calm mind. A healthy mind is more important than the body. Both go hand in hand. Mental problems in this technologically advanced time is inevitable.

Every second person is suffering from some sort of mental illness, be it anxiety, stress or depression. A simply activity like gardening can actually help your mental condition get better over time. Watching your garden grow can release good hormones in your brain helping you to relax your mind.

Don’t believe us? Horticultural therapy is actually a practice that has been seen to benefit patients of mental illnesses and depression. Growing your own produce is so therapeutic, it can actually give you overwhelming feelings of well-being!


So what are you waiting for now? Grab your gloves and shovels and get down to some garden therapy!