What is Rohu fish? Information has been given about the benefits of eating Rohu fish. Fish is eaten all over the world as food. If you are fond of eating fish, then you must have heard the name Rohu fish. Rohu fish is also reared in aquaculture.

Information about Rohu Fish 

1. Rohu fish is found in freshwater sources. Rohu fish is found in freshwater sources like ponds, rivers, etc. By the way, nowadays Rohu fish is also reared through the Biofloc plant.

2. The average length of Rohu fish is generally 1 to 2 feet. But the length of some Rohu Fish increases to 5 to 7 feet. Rohu fish ranging from 1 kg to 40 kg are found in ponds and rivers. By the way, after weighing 1 to 2 kg, they are sold in the market.

3. You already know that the respiratory organs of fish are gills. Gills are found on the inside of the gills. The respiratory organ of Rohu is also the gills. This fish also has to come to the surface of the water to breathe.

4. Like other fish, scales are found on the body of Rohu. It does not have scales on its head and fin. The function of the scale is to protect the fish from external threats. Its body is also divided into head, trunk, and tail like other fish. Friends, Rohu fish also have fins which help in swimming. The color of the fin is pink or gray. The fin of a fish is called a fin.

5. It is a vertebrate fish with a bony skeleton. Its body is much larger than the mouth. The color of this fish is silvery black. The belly part of Rohu fish is silver in color while the upper part is light black.

6. The body structure of Rohu is also similar to that of other fishes. Its head is triangular while the body is shaped like a boat. This is also one of the reasons why it is easier to swim.

7. Scientific name of the Rohu fish is Labeo rohita. Friends, Rohu fish belong to the carp family. Other carp fishes include common carp, grass carp, silver carp, Catla, major carp, golden carp, etc.

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Where is Rohu fish farming done?

1. Rohu fish is eaten all over the world as food. In India, Rohu fish is reared and fed in the regions of Orissa, Bengal, Assam, UP, Bihar, etc. Apart from India, Rohu fish is also produced in Bangladesh and Pakistan. In a way, this fish is mainly farmed in South Asia.

2. Rohu fish rearing is also done on a large scale. The health benefits and rich in nutrients make rohu the most suitable fish for food. It is a fast-growing fish, due to which the cultivation of Rohu is done more. Due to high demand in the market, the price of Rohu varies from Rs.300 to Rs.600 per kg. Well, friends, the price of Rohu fish keeps on increasing and decreasing.

3. Rohu lays eggs once a year from which young ones emerge. This fish lays eggs in the rainy season. By the way, most of the fish lay eggs only during the rainy season. The average number of these eggs is around 2 to 3 lakhs.

4. Babies emerge from the eggs, which grow by eating the natural food present in the water. For the supply of food in the specially prepared farm pond for fish farming, separate food has to be put. Rohu fish get bigger during the winter season. This is the right time to catch Rohu fish in the net.

5. Rohu fish grow up to about 1 kg in only a few months. So farming Rohu fish is a good idea for fishermen.

What is the feed or meal of Rohu fish?

The diet of fish is mainly the waste material found in ponds and rivers. It eats aquatic plants, algae, and algae found in water. For your information, let us tell you that Rohu fish take food from the central part of the water source. In the early life stage, Rohu fish eat Zooplankton. Heterosexual micro-organisms found floating in water are called zooplankton.

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What are the benefits of eating Rohu fish?

1. Many vitamins and minerals are found in Rohu fish. This fish is a rich source of Vitamin C. Mineral elements like zinc, potassium, and calcium are found in Rohu. It also contains iodine which is an essential element. Like other fish, rohu also has a high protein content.

2. Doctors often recommend eating fish for the supply of omega 3. Rohu fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Eating Rohu fish does not increase body fat, due to which weight is controlled. The reason for this is the low amount of fat in Rohu. If you are thinking of losing weight, then include Rohu fish in your diet today.

4. Friends, you already know that eating food containing Vitamin C keeps health good. The presence of vitamin C in Rohu increases immunity. If you are suffering from a cold and cough, then include Rohu fish in your diet today.

5. It contains protein which makes the body strong and strong. Rohu is a rich source of Omega 3 which makes it very beneficial in heart diseases.

Many types of dishes are prepared from Rohu fish. Among these, Rohu Fish Fry, Rohu Fish Curry, Tandoori Fish Tikka, Fish Rice, etc. are prominent. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can try Rohu fish dishes.