Face is the first thing that one notices about someone. Defined jawlines and sleek cheekbones are everyone’s dream out there. Browsing through beauty advertisements and magazines, wanting a perfectly sculpted face is but natural. However, with age and the lifestyle that we seem to follow these days, it can prove to be little difficult. Double chin and heavy neck is every man or woman’s nightmare.

Are you struggling with the same too? You must have thought of getting a face lift or liposuction done? What if we tell you there’s no need to visit the doc. Now you can get that dreamy face easily. We have brought you some tips on how you can lose face and neck fat without having to go under the knife.

Tips to Lose Face and Neck Fat without Surgery

1. Cardio!

Yes, no matter what anybody says fat reduction from a specific area is not impossible unless you lose overall weight. A major reason for face and neck fat is obesity. So if you want to lose that cellulite around your face, add cardio exercises to your daily routine. Take rigorous exercises that will work you up. It will take time because apparently face and neck are one of the toughest places to lose fat from. However, don’t let that dishearten you. The results will take time but will definitely show. Once the fat in your body starts to burn, the effects will start to show on your face too.

2. Healthy Diet:

Just exercise is not enough. A healthy diet rich in fiber and protein is what you need to maintain an overall healthy body. Stop eating refined carbs as these are the major factors of weight gain. These foods give your body nothing except sugar and calories which will interfere with your overall weight, hence leading to face and neck fat. Switch to whole grains that are extremely effective in weight loss.

3. Facial Exercises

There are many facial exercises that can help you tone down your face to a good extent. What’s better, these exercises not only reduce face and fat neck but also help combat aging. A pleasant add on right? Following are some exercises that you can try to lose face and neck fat effectively:

  • Pulling Your Lips: By this simple lip pulling exercise, you can give your face a natural lift. Simply sit in a straight position. Pull up your upper lip by pushing your bottom jaw out. Pull up as much as you can until you can feel the pressure build up in your jaw. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Take a rest for few seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times every day.
  • Jaw Chewing: Sit up straight and move your jaw as if you’re chewing. Take deep breaths. Now open your mouth wide and roll down your tongue to the bottom of your teeth. Press it against your teeth as hard as you can. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Keep breathing normally. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily. This is a good exercise to reduce your face fat while also stretching your jaw keeping the muscles fit.
  • Chin Lift: Remember those pout and kissing selfies? This is the same! Lean your head back and look up. Pull lips together in a pouting shape while keeping your head back. Hold this pose for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times every day. This chin lifting exercise not only helps to reduce chin fat but also helps you curb the fat at your neck.
  • Fish Lips: A very simple chin toning exercise, this one will take you back to childhood. Simply suck in your cheeks and do the fish lips face. Hold this face for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times daily. This exercise will define your chin and jawline effectively.
  • Tight Eyes: This one is an extreme exercise that you can do anywhere without anyone noticing you. Simply shut your eyes as tightly as you can. You should be able to feel the pull on your cheeks. Hold it for 10 seconds. Rest for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Since this exercise pulls on your cheek muscles, it can greatly tone down your cheeks.
  • Laugh: Yes! Nothing helps in reducing face fat more than laughing. Laugh so hard that it hurts your cheeks. When it starts hurting, you know that your muscles are worked up and that’s a sign that it’s burning the fat stored up in your face. So line up all your comedy shows and laugh away!

4. Drink Water

Water, as we all know, is necessary for your overall health but did you know it can also aid in losing face and neck fat. Drinking more water also means increase in your metabolism which helps in burning more calories throughout the day. More water intake can also reduce fluid retention which is the main reason for bloating that adds the puffy appearance to your face and neck.

5. Sleep well

Just like exercise and diet, sleep is an important factor that affects your overall health. According to studies, a bad sleeping schedule can apparently increase your appetite and reduce metabolism which in turn leads to fat storage. Maintain a healthy sleeping routine to support your weight loss regime.

These are certain ways you can try to help lose your face and neck fat. Remember that the main reason for any kind of fat storage is an unhealthy lifestyle. Maintain healthy eating habits along with proper exercise and sleep schedule to effectively aid your weight loss plan. Furthermore, also try to cut down on alcohol consumption as it can greatly lead to bloating and weight gain. The key is to adjust your daily routine to a healthier one. Just be patient. It will take time for results to show.