Giving birth changes your body in many a ways. There are numerous alterations that your body goes through: inside and out. Soon after pregnancy, it’s natural to start worrying about the weight gain. Most women start almost immediately with weight loss and training programs. Many turn to crash dieting to cut down on the weight. What you need to understand is that your body needs time to recover after the 9 month ordeal it went through.

With the weight gain comes extra skin too that stretches to make room for the growing fetus in your body. After birth, that extra skin reduces a lot however it still needs time to go back to its original elasticity. What you need is to carefully plan a weight loss regime so that you can get pre-pregnancy body back in time while your body also gets time to rejuvenate itself of the stress it put up with during pregnancy.


A Good Diet

Whatever goes in your body has straight effect on the outside. To help speed up the recovery process, it is important to feed your body the good stuff. But whatever you do, do not go on a diet. Dieting will initially drop your weight but it is not for the long run. Dieting will cut down fat along with muscles and metabolism which will show adverse effects once you start eating normally.

Instead of starving yourself focus on eating good and often. Eat more proteins. Proteins will help your muscles grow. Proteins will also provide your body with collagen which is an important nutrient that helps in firming your skin. Talk with your doctor on your meal plan as the consumption amount depends on your body weight and physical activity you are indulging in.


Drink More Water

Water is crucial as your goal is to increase your skin’s elasticity which water can promote greatly. By drinking water, you are helping your body burn calories along with water retention which in turn reduces the appearance of loose skin on your abdomen. Hydration will help your body to restore and tighten your loose skin effectively.


Apply Oils and Ointments

There are many over the counter and prescription serums and gels available to help you with skin tightening. These products contain natural ingredients that work on the underlying muscles of your skin that help the skin pull together and tight. Consult with your doctor before buying one. If you don’t want to resort to chemicals then you essential oils are also a good option. Jojoba and coconut oil are some great options for firming the skin. Almond oil is an excellent option to treat stretch marks.



Like mentioned before, you need to start training and strengthening exercises slowly to lose weight. As you start losing weight, the contours of your body will start restoring themselves to their pre-pregnancy appearance. However, it is important to get your doctor’s approval first. You need to give your body appropriate rest before putting it through a hard task like training.

Once you are ready to train, do it slowly and gradually. Strength training will help in muscle contraction helping you in losing fat which in turn will eventually make your body return to its previous state.



Breastfeeding is not only the primary nutrition source for your baby but it is also similarly important to you. Surprising enough, breastfeeding can actually help you to lose weight. A majority of the calories you consume are used by your body to produce milk which helps you in burning fat. However, that does not mean that you start starving yourself in the process to lose more weight.

Your body needs enough proteins and nutrients to make milk. Take a good healthy diet, and believe it or not, you will lose weight without even moving just by breastfeeding! As you lose weight, you will see your skin pull tighter and become firmer with time.


Get Enough Sleep

Your body needs sound sleep to rejuvenate itself. By sleeping you are not only giving your body rest but also controlling production of hormones that contribute to the accumulation of fat in your body. After pregnancy, there is a good amount of cortisol hormone in your body that can lead to decline in metabolism and increased fat. When you sleep less, your body releases more cortisol. So to balance this hormone, it is important to focus on enough rest and sleep.


More than anything, keep a calm and patient mind. The more you think about losing weight the more you will stress yourself and miss out on the joys of living. Be calm. Remember you have gone through a major experience. Instead of locking yourself in the house and worrying about losing weight feel proud of yourself. You and your body both need time to get back to normal.