The desire for a calm mind and a healthy body! Try yoga. This one exercise can help you in the number of ways. Kapalbhati, one of the very famous yoga exercise can help you lose weight, release stress, cure breast cancer, improve sex life, improve circulation of blood, help the face to glow naturally, cure acidity and what not. Kapalbhati, the word is derived from Sanskrit language where Kapal means skull and Bhati means knowledge which means that state of bringing clarity to mind and body.

This breathing exercise can be a turning point in your life. In yoga, breath is given a lot of importance as many of the exercises have breathing as a base. Breathing in a particular manner helps the soul to revive its energy and get peace.

So, this time, follow these simple steps towards a healthy life and a peaceful state of mind:-

  1. Keeping the spine erect, sit in Padmasana position, hands on the knees and keep the eyes closed. If you can not sit in padmasana state, then you can try Sukhasana, Sidhasana and still not comfortable, can sit on chair keeping the body firm and spine erect.
  2. Now, until the lungs are filled with air, breathe through both of the nostrils.
  3. And, now exhale the air with your nostrils forcefully so as to exert some pressure on your stomach, pulling your stomach inwards. The passive inhalation and forceful exhalation is the essence of this exercise.
  4. And, you have to do this twenty times to complete a set of Kapalbhati and can be practised from 20 minutes to half an hour.
  5. After one set, you can feel sensations in body and will feel very light.

It must be kept in mind that Kapalbhati must not be performed by the people suffering from high blood pressure, stroke, asthma or any heart disease. It must not be practiced immediately after meal. At least a gap of 2-3 hours should be maintained. Pregnant women must avoid this exercise. Moreover during menstruation, it must be avoided too.

The major benefit of Kapalbhati is due to forceful exhalation of air which causes abdominal contraction and improves the vitality. Moreover, it helps pancreas to release insulin helping to control diabetes.

The improvement in blood circulation maintains blood sugar level and purifies the skin. This yoga exercise helps to improve posture too, thus a relief in back pain. Kapalbhati increases the flexibility of muscles and strengthens them too.