It’s really true that health is wealth. And, in this era, the rate at which health problems are rising is a sign of alert for everyone. The major cause of health issues is STRESS nowadays. Everyone has a different definition of stress, some get stressed because of career, some due to relationships and many more. The rising competition has seriously deprived people of their health. And, yoga is the best way to get rid of stress. There are many yoga exercises which are great stress buster and Anulom Vilom is one of them which helps human mind through breathing process, where Anulom means with the grain and and Viloma is opposite of Anulom i.e. against the grain.

This exercise is also considered as to be nadi shodhna level 3 because of alternate breathing pattern. This yoga exercise helps to flush the toxins out of body and moreover can be performed by person of any age. Other than stress, this exercise can make you free from many other diseases like- cardiac problem, asthama, depression, high blood pressure, sinus, migraine and many more. Anulom Vilom also strengthens the respiratory system and calms the nervous system. So, as this exercise is related to breathing, there are some ground rules to follow and the technique to be followed properly.


So, here the steps are:-

  1. The exercise is very easy. Just sit in Padmasana posture and close your eyes. Resting your hands on your knees, sit erect.
  2. Now, close your right nostril with respective hand and inhale as much air as you can from your left nostril.
  3. And, now remove your right thumb from right nostril and use middle finger of right hand only to close the left nostril and exhale from right nostril.
  4. The whole process here is concerned with breathing only. Usually, it is preferred to perform for at least five minutes daily.
  5. One thing to be kept in mind while doing this yoga exercise that you must just be concentrating on your breath and not to think about your problems or external world because you are trying to relax here.

To keep a bit balance and peace in life, everyone must go for this yoga exercise as Anulom Vilom is designed in a way so as to maintain both emotional and spritual way in life. This yoga exercise will bring positivity to your life because it helps to relax the mind and comfortable to work in any situation.