If you have a new YouTube channel that you haven’t taken the effort to verify, you’re missing out on a slew of new features that may help you take your channel to the next level.

Not confirming your YouTube channel is like debating whether or not to make YouTube your full-time job. Not authenticating your YouTube channel implies that you’re on YouTube, but you’re not sure if you should quit your day job and devote your full attention to this lucrative channel.

Verifying your YouTube channel is a simple but crucial step in the success of your channel on YouTube. Take a chance, go in headfirst, and pay attention to this YouTuber’s call! Verify your account right now and you’ll have one less reason to put off making a career move as a YouTuber.

The next level of verification you want to attain as a YouTuber is getting confirmed on YouTube and earning the much-desired YouTube Verification badge. This grey checkmark next to your YouTube channel name indicates that your channel will adhere to YouTube’s community norms and terms, as well as prioritize posting good social content. This checkmark acts as a registered trademark, indicating to the rest of the world that your channel is legitimate and trustworthy.

The Differences Between Having a YouTube Verification Badge and Verifying Your YouTube Account

There’s the YouTube Verification Badge and then there’s validating your YouTube account. Both YouTube activities sound almost identical, but you can’t afford to mess them up. Google demonstrates a lack of foresight by designating two different items with the same phrase when they might have given them each a distinct name to avoid all of this confusion.

The first is a stage that any channel can take, while the second is an honor bestowed only on channels with a particular number of subscribers and a specified level of engagement. Is it still perplexing to you? Yes, it’s possible, but don’t worry; we’ll clear things up for you and start you on your way to understanding and validating your YouTube account so you can obtain your YouTube Verification Badge.

These definitions fully clear up the confusion between authenticating a YouTube account and receiving a verification badge:

-Making a YouTube Account Verifiable

Verifying a YouTube account is YouTube’s technique of ensuring that your channel is controlled by a real person, rather than a bot or other automated program seeking to utilize YouTube for ad spamming.

-Obtaining the Verification Badge on YouTube

The YouTube Verification Emblem is a physical badge that identifies your channel as the official channel of a creator, musician, business, company or other entity that qualifies as a public figure. This emblem guarantees viewers that any video they watch from a channel with a YouTube verification badge is stuff that these public people have officially distributed. A checkmark icon next to a YouTube channel’s name represents this emblem.

The YouTube Verification Badge also serves as a reminder that a YouTube channel has at least 100,000 subscribers. A landmark to commemorate a significant achievement in the realm of legality.

To avoid confusing the two in the future, keep in mind that one is an action taken and the other is something a YouTube channel accomplishes.

Why Do You Need to Verify Your YouTube Account?

Here are a few reasons why you should authenticate your YouTube channel right away:

1. The monetary system

The most crucial reason for getting your YouTube channel certified is to make it monetization-ready. Monetization refers to the ability to profit from your YouTube channel in the same way that your favorite YouTubers do.

2. Unlock Additional Special Functions

To unlock more features, you should authenticate your YouTube channel. You’ll be able to submit videos longer than 15 minutes, create custom thumbnails, broadcast live on the social media platform, and appeal and win content ID claims if other YouTube channels utilize your work without permission once you’ve verified your channel.

What is the procedure for verifying my YouTube account?

Here are a few simple methods to authenticate your YouTube account using your mobile device:

  1. On your mobile device, open the YOUTUBE Studio app. Download the YOUTUBE Studio app on your phone if you don’t already have it.
  1. Select a video that you’ve already uploaded.
  1. In the upper right area of the video, click the pen icon.
  1. Under the video, tap the Custom thumbnail box.
  1. A message stating that you must validate your account before adding a custom thumbnail.
  1. Select ‘Learn more’ from the drop-down menu.
  1. You’ll be sent to a website that explains how to create a custom thumbnail.
  1. Select ‘account is verified’ from the blue highlighted text.
  1. You’ll be taken to a browser page where you can choose your country and the method by which YouTube will send you your verification code.
  1. Tick the option that says, ‘text me the verification code,’ and then select the check box.
  1. You’ll see a text box asking for your phone number.
  1. Click ‘Submit’ after entering your phone number.
  1. Wait for the 6-digit verification code to arrive through text message.
  1. Click ‘Submit’ after entering your 6-digit verification code.
  1. A window with the words ‘Congratulations!’ will display. ‘Your YouTube account has been confirmed.’

What Is the Purpose of a YouTube Verification Badge?

Being a YouTuber with a YouTube Verification Badge provides you a natural advantage. Viewers on YouTube will immediately recognise that what they are watching is genuinely your channel thanks to this badge. This ensures that all videos carried out by your verified channel are officially from you, assuring viewers and potential subscribers.

Second, having the verified label discourages people from impersonating you on YouTube. These clones want to take advantage of your fame by stealing traffic that should be yours.

Obtain a verification badge to demonstrate to YouTube users that your channel is serious about sharing socially relevant content that is devoid of hurtful or negative aspects that violate YouTube’s community guidelines.

Obtaining your YouTube Verification badge has only positive consequences. And, as a serious channel, we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t buy one for yours. Yes, having that small check mark won’t provide you with any more features or benefits, but it’s worth the effort because it will significantly increase the reach and exposure of your YouTube channel.