In a world full of excitement and distractions, it can get a little too difficult to stay focused on one thing. Focus is necessary to achieve your goals. For any plan to be successful, the most important step is determination. But with so many exciting things happening around constantly, to keep your eye fixed on the target may prove to be strenuous. In every aspect of life, focus on your goal is extremely important. Be it professional life or personal, to keep yourself fixed on even one task is hard.

So how do you stay concentrated without sneaking a moment to check your phone? Read on to find out:

  • Organize: This may not sound like a big deal but being organized can make a huge difference. Make your work station distraction free by removing any hindrances that might take your attention off the task in hand. Clean your desk and get rid of anything that can make mind wander to things that are not relevant at the moment. Furthermore, prepare yourself a to-do list on a daily or weekly basis so you can focus on a set target when sit down to work. This way, you will have set yourself a goal for everyday to finish in a limited time. This will help you work better.
  • Time Target: According to studies, a person is really focused for 6 hours on average every week. It’s better to allocate your time in a way that best uses your energy and brain. Set your initial hours for the most creative and difficult parts of your task. With a fresh mind and energy, you can come up with the best ideas to complete your job. Observe your own thinking schedule and note when you are most engrossed in work. Use that time to do the most important tasks because that is when you put in your best.
  • Plan Ahead: Set your tasks for everyday beforehand. Make a mental list of all that you need to a night before. Set your outfit for the next day, your lunch, house chores, errands that need to be run and other things that may interfere with your work. When you plan your schedule in advance, you can focus better on the important things that require your attention.
  • Take A Break: We are not androids. We are humans. We are not designed to work tirelessly. For the human body and mind to work efficiently, it is necessary to give it rest. Allow yourself a brief break every hour for a few minutes. Your brain needs to relax after strenuous work. A brief break will not only give your brain rest but restore energy to work again. Use this break to stretch a little so your body will also get some relaxation. This will also allow time for your eyes to rest. Your eyes are constantly fixed on your laptop which can severely strain your eyes. Take a break every 30 minutes from your system and stare at something placed far away for 30 seconds. This will give your eyes the much needed time off.
  • Get Rid of Distractions: Keep your phone away. You can always check your Facebook once you’re done. Build self-control and stop yourself from replying every time someone pings you. This way you can train your brain to eliminate distracting elements. Get yourself a “Do Not Disturb” sign so as to keep your colleagues and friends away when you are working. You can go chat with them once you finish your task.
  • Revisit Your Goals: We all have big dreams and goals. The things we do today are a just a step closer to the bigger picture. Set yourself an ultimate goal and make sure to remind yourself of the same every day. This goal will serve as motivation every time you are distracted. After all, we are all working for that one dream.
  • Healthy Diet: A nutritious diet is a must whether you are training your body or brain. Pack yourself a healthy lunch everyday instead of feasting on the carb loaded junk food you order every day. You deserve a cheat day every once in a while but that’s how it should be. Reward yourself at the end of the week for working better. By balancing your food choices, you are treating your body which in turn will do good for your brain as well.
  • Sound Sleep: There is nothing more important than a good rest for your mind. Lack of sleep can actually affect your thinking process and your mind’s ability to think clearly. A sound sleep of 8 hours every day is extremely necessary for a healthy brain. Sleep gives your body and mind the time to restore itself from the day’s exertion and start anew the next day with good energy.

You can also take help of other ways like meditation, reading, yoga and music. These activities teach your brain to set focus on one thing for prolonged periods of time which will eventually help with your daily tasks.