JioTunes, Reliance Jio’s caller tunes service, is said to have over four lakh songs from Bollywood, Regional, International, Instrumental, and Devotional genres. These ringback tunes are supplied to users for free, as well as the ability to choose between other tunes at no further cost. This means you can use Jio caller music to express your mood or commemorate a special occasion. Users can set a Jio caller tune on their connection in a variety of methods, according to the telco. To make things even easier, there is also the possibility to duplicate a Jio caller’s music from another user.

In this article, we’ll go through all of the several ways you can effortlessly apply a Jio caller tune to your connection.

How to use the MyJio app to set a Jio caller tune

Using the MyJio app on your smartphone, you can choose a JioTune for your connection. On both Android and iOS devices, the MyJio app can be downloaded. The Android software is roughly 28MB in size, while the iOS version is over 225MB in size and is available through the Apple App Store. It requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 10.0 to function. After you’ve downloaded the most recent version of the MyJio app, you can set the caller song by following the instructions below.

  1. By selecting the hamburger symbol in the top-left corner of the MyJio app, select JioTunes, and then tap the Songs tab.
  2. Choose a song from the list or search for your favorite JioTune. There are many titles to pick from in the Bollywood, International, Regional, and Devotional categories.
  3. To listen to the preview, hit the play icon beneath the album image of the song.
  4. To choose a tune, tap the Set as the JioTune button.

Jio will tell you via a confirmation page on the MyJio app once the music you’ve chosen as the caller tune has been set for your connection. You’ll also receive an SMS message verifying the caller tuning service’s activation.

How to use the JioSaavn app to set a Jio caller tune

You can also utilize the JioSaavn app if you don’t want to use the MyJio app but want to create a caller tune for one of your favorite songs. On both Android and iOS, the JioSaavn app is accessible. It’s available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Devices running Android Lollipop or iOS 10.0 are supported by the app. Log in to your JioSaavn account after downloading the latest JioSaavn version, and then complete the procedures outlined below.

  1. On the Jio Saavn app, look for a song that you’d like to set as your caller music, and then play it.
  2. To bring the song to the front of the screen, tap it from the bottom bar.
  3. Now, directly underneath the album image and song title, hit the Set JioTune button.
  4. You’ll then be taken to a popup screen where you can hear a sample of your caller music.
  5. Press the Set JioTune button now.

Once your desired JioTune has been activated, an SMS message will be sent to your phone number. The notification will also include instructions on how to turn off the extra track.

How to send an SMS to set a Jio caller tune

Users who do not have access to the MyJio or JioSaavn apps can set a Jio caller tune by sending SMS messages.

  1. Send “JT” (without quotes) to 56789 to explore the available list of JioTunes or Jio caller songs.
  2. By replying to the preset SMS message with “MOVIE,” you can search for a specific movie (Movie Name). You can also search for an album or a singer by replying with “ALBUM” (Album Name) or “SINGER” (Singer Name) (Singer Name).
  3. Once you’ve found your favorite music for the caller tune, Jio will ask you whether you want it to be played for all callers or just specific numbers.
  4. An SMS message will now be sent to your phone number, requesting your permission to activate the JioTunes service. To accept the activation, you must reply “Y” to that message. To complete the activation process, your response must reach Jio within 30 minutes of receiving the SMS.
  5. To confirm the caller tune activation, Jio will send you an SMS message. You can disable your Jio caller tune at any time by sending an SMS message to 56789 with the text “STOP” in the subject line.

What is the best way to replicate a Jio caller tune?

If you want to duplicate a caller tune from one of your Jio contacts, dial that contact while pressing the “*” (asterisk). An SMS message will be sent to your phone number, requesting your permission. To activate the selected Jio caller tune, reply “Y” to that message. To confirm the activation, Jio will send you another SMS message.

Jio is presently providing free caller tunes to its consumers, as previously stated. You can also replace your old Jio caller song with a new one as many times as you want for free. Furthermore, caller tunes, in general, only operate on new calls. This means that if someone calls your number while you’re on the phone, they’ll hear the default call waiting message rather than your active caller tune. Furthermore, the caller tune service is platform agnostic and compatible with any Jio-enabled handsets.

Airtel, like Jio, began delivering free caller tunes to its users early this year as part of its Airtel Thanks initiative. The operator claims to have over a million songs in 15 languages, which is substantially more than Jio has. Airtel customers can use the Wynk Music app on their Android or iOS smartphone to set a caller tune for their phone number. Users can also phone 543211 or send an SMS message to that number.

It’s worth noting that both Jio and Airtel provide caller songs with a 30-day validity period. Users, on the other hand, can prolong the validity once the first 30 days have passed.