As humans, we face new challenges every day. It is important too because challenges help us evolve. In this highly competitive world where your worth is proven by your performance, it is normal to feel scared by the possibility of failures. It is human nature to be afraid of a little bump but for some it may become the matter of life and death. Certain people are hardwired to feel at a loss of spirit because of the mere fear of failure. Many entrepreneurs become obsessed with the thought facing failure which renders them unable to deal with defeats.

Are you one of those too who are so bothered by the thought of failure that it actually affects your performance? Then this article is for you. Read on to find out how you can conquer your fear of failing and move towards a happier life:

Realize Your Goals

Before you can work on conquering your fear, you need to realize your goals. When you are able to understand your goal, ask yourself is it too specific? Is it too one directional? Aren’t you being a little too harsh on yourself by working for something that may not end the way you want it to?

Instead of focusing on achieving a specific target, reset your goals and decide to learn something. Remember that things won’t always turn out the way you want them too. So make it a point to always learn something out of everything instead of trying to win at every situation. By doing this you will not only focus on achieving your goal but also learn something of value irrespective of how thing turn out.

Face Your Fears

Many people are so afraid of the fear of failing that they do everything to run away from it. While that can work temporarily, it will not help you in the long run. There will come a time when possibility of failure will stare you right in the face and no matter how hard you try, you will have to feel it. This sudden encounter will paralyze you for the moment and render you incapable of dealing with it. You can easily stop it by facing your fear when you should. Remind yourself that you will fail at something some time.

Instead of giving it the power to rule you over, come face to face with it. Let it stress you, tighten your senses and you will see that it’s only a few moments of discomfort. After some time, the fear will disappear leaving you in peace. This way, you are not only calming your body but also training yourself to go through tough situations.

Analyze the Outcomes

Sit down and consider all the possible outcomes of the decision you have made. Make a list of everything that could happen because of your action. Analyze how these outcomes will affect you. Many fall victim to fear of failure because of the unknown.

When you prepare for every potential consequence, you can save yourself from the shock of failure and plan to stand up again instead. Map out the probable outcomes so you can prepare yourself mentally for each accordingly. Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen? And if it does happen what should be your next plan of action? This way you can let yourself come in terms with your fear of failure effectively.

Be Positive, At All Times


No matter what, never lose hope. Always think positive. This helps be more confident. A lot of people head on the road to self-sabotage. Positive and rational thinking can prove to counteract this negativity. However, always prepare yourself for the worst like we mentioned earlier because only positive thinking is not enough. Having another plans ready in any case will help you be in peace even if your planned action doesn’t work out like it was supposed to.

Fear and failure are inevitable. You will someday come face to face to both. To move forward in life, you have to take challenges and challenges always with fear of failure. Instead of running from it, try to understand the source of your fear. Make peace with it so you can focus towards better performance.