As teenagers, we all wish to start earning as soon as possible and always look for alternatives to earn money online. S, here are few ideas and all these ideas are not spammed at all you can use them. They are very realistic and we are going to show you 5 ways how to make money online as a teenager but if you’re not a teenager, if you’re an older person or if you’re middle-aged anyone can do most of these things. 

  • Sell a video course: The very first way to make money as a teenager is to sell your video-based courses. Now you can start your video course and you can sell them online and people can subscribe to you and you’ll get the money for the same. We can suggest a few of those apps by which you can become a teacher or sell your course thereon of the skillshare. The second one is Graphy. You can start creating your course related to any topic. 
  • Sell old stuff: The second way to make money online is by selling old things online. How you can sell your old furniture, your old clothes, your old shoes. We can suggest a few of those websites where you can sell your old stuff. One of the most popular websites is OLX, you can make money through OLX, Thredup, and Etsy. There are a bunch of those where you can sell your old clothes or your old furniture. Just make sure that you are choosing a realistic price. 
  • Sell photographs: To make money as a teenager is to sell photographs online. If you like to take photos, you can sell them on websites like Getty. Where they buy it, from there people will pay and you’ll get money. How does this work? You need a professional camera, phone photographs will not do as well so until and unless you are a professional photographer or maybe not even a professional. If you have a camera and if you click good photos. Then this is a great option for you.
  • Write transcription: What is this? They give you a writing job and you can speak it. It’s very hard to explain. What do you do if they give you a piece of writing and you have to translate it? You have to speak it up and they record it and they sell that recording and you get paid for it. It is just like voice action. 
  • Local Jobs: You can work part-time at nearby hotels, restaurants, offices, banks, etc. There are several vacancies for educated and talented people. You can also work as a content writer just by sitting at your home. You need to be creative and consistent. You can use “Internshala”, “GoogleJobs”, “Apna” etc apps to find jobs near you.