The Modern Man’s Guide to Loving Yourself

Women all around the world are aware of the movement that tells them to love themselves. It’s good change. But what we seem to forget in the process is that the society also consists of men who suffer through the same struggle of social acceptance and conformity. The worst part of their struggle is unlike women, they aren’t ‘allowed’ to cry or be weak. They are expected to live be strong without ever expressing their discomfort. This is as harmful for men as it is for women. Men around the world suffer from clinical depression which is affecting their performance, mental health, sexual health and more. Unlike the contrary thought, anxiety and depression are not women’s diseases but attack both the sexes likewise. What we never tell our sons and husbands is that they need to love themselves too.

In this article, we give you an insight into the factors that will help you love yourself and work towards a better version of you. Check it how:

  • Change Your Lifestyle: Start by introducing little changes in your daily lifestyle and schedule. Eat healthy, drink less alcohol, join a gym, take a walk every day; these may not sound like a big deal but when you pay attention to your body it reflects. Give your body good food, the nutrients will release good hormones. When you feel better in your body, your skin will glow and boost your confidence. Confidence is the first step to loving yourself.
  • Self-Realization: Take time to sit down and think. Evaluate your thoughts about yourself. Face your fears. Look into yourself and search for what is keeping you from moving forward. Understand that these fears are essential to push you towards a better place. Instead of making a home out of your inhibitions, find ways to fight them so you can be at peace with yourself. Be optimistic and plan how you can win over your negative thoughts.
  • Stop Comparing: Compete with others but don’t let that get into your mind. Success comes to people at different rates depending on different factors. Don’t count yourself as less than others because they have achieved more. Instead, decide your goals, set reminders for yourself and work on achieving them. The more time you spend judging others, the more time you are losing on bettering yourself. Spend your energies on yourself.
  • Be You: Most men lose their true self in the process of attracting women. Magazines, TV shows and movies can fill your mind with unrealistic ideas of a perfect man. Understand that a woman can be attracted to your body temporarily but it’s your mind and soul that will keep her with you. Work on being yourself. Embrace your uniqueness. Don’t restrain yourself from displaying your true self.
  • Positivity: Be positive. A simple mantra that will help through life. Harbor good thoughts, for yourself and everyone around you. Instead of dragging negative energy with you, try to spread smiles with people. When people are happy around you, you can feel the good energy. The more they will grow accustomed to your presence, the more you will grow as a person.
  • Spend Time Alone: With the growing need for social acceptance, almost all of us has lost touch with ourselves. Don’t let that happen. Spend alone time with yourself. Talk to the mirror. Motivate yourself. Tell yourself what you feel, what you want. Go to the movies, take yourself to a lunch date, take a walk or simply meditate for some minutes in the day. No matter how much you enjoy being with other people, you will greatly benefit by being alone.
  • Rise Up: We as humans have a certain need to keep everyone around us happy. Learn that you are a normal breathing man and it’s not your job to please everyone. Your first priority should be you. Focus on pleasing yourself. You cannot keep all happy. There will always be somebody who will try to scare you or bring you down. You need to keep moving towards your goals. Don’t let these minor hiccups get in your way.

These are just small changes you need to make in your life to start loving yourself. You will want to give up, see no point in all this but you need to understand that it’s a long road. You need to love yourself, slowly and gradually until you are ready to give love. The idea is to be so self-sufficient that you don’t feel the need to look for love outside. Even if you do, it does not become your oxygen. You should be enough for yourself when the world looks down on you which will happen many a times. Don’t let the superficial standards of world control your life. You are unique, embrace your individual self and work on enhancing your qualities.