How to Get SBI’s CIF Number Using 5 Different Methods: The State Bank of India is one of our country’s most well-known and successful banks, offering a wide range of services to its clients. Customers can use SBI for a variety of services including withdrawals, deposits, personal loans with low-interest rates, debit or credit cards, and so on. If you want to open a new account with SBI, the bank representative will ask you for all of your personal information and provide you with a passbook and debit card. SBI has nearly a million account holders across the country, and it assigns each customer a unique CIF Number.

In this essay, we’ll look at what a CIF number is. How to obtain SBI’s CIF number using five simple methods? Today, the State Bank of India’s CIF number is extremely important since it allows bank staff to quickly access all of a customer’s personal information by simply typing the SBI CIF number. Many people are now looking for information on how to locate the State Bank of India or another bank’s phone number. This number can readily be found in your wallet, checkbook, or online banking account. We’ll show you how to find this number in SBI in a few easy steps. This number can also be found for Indian Bank, Central Bank of India, Canara Bank, IOB, and other banks.

In SBI, what is the CIF number?

Customer Information File or Client Identification File Number is the full form of CIF number. All consumers with a unique number are given this number by the banking industry. The information such as personal details, account number, transaction history, loan details, Demat, and KYC details of the consumer can be easily obtained by bank officials or bank executives using this number. SBI bank offers an 11-digit CIF number, which varies from one bank to the next. If you have many accounts with the same bank, you will have one CIF number for all of them.

How do I find out what SBI’s CIF number is?

We may easily obtain the SBI account’s CIF number. There are five ways to locate your SBI CIF number.

  1. Use Internet Banking to obtain SBI’s CIF number.
  1. Obtain SBI’s CIF number via SBI anywhere yono light
  1. Look for SBI’s CIF number in your passbook or chequebook.
  1. Call Customer Service to obtain SBI’s CIF number.
  1. Visit the home branch to obtain a CIF number.

SBI CIF Number via Internet Banking:

You may quickly locate your SBI CIF number via internet banking. Internet banking has become the most popular method for doing online transactions. We may find this SBI number by utilizing SBI internet banking. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Go to, which is the SBI bank’s official website.

Step 2: To log in, go to Personal Banking.

Step 3: Now, go to your SBI account and log in using the correct User Name and Password.

Step 4: Next, choose “Account Summary” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: After opening, search for “View Nomination and PAN” details and pick it.

Step 6: You can see your CIF number, PAN card details, and other information on that website.

Step 7: On the home screen, click the Select your sector option to see this number. Your CIF number will appear after that.

SBI CIF numbers can be obtained from SBI anywhere. Yono lite is a light version of Yono.

Customers can look up their CIF number using the SBI Yono lite app. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: To begin, download the SBI Yono lite app from the Google Playstore.

Step 2: Then, to log in, enter your SBI username and password.

Step 3: Next, navigate to the Services section.

Step 4: Select Online Nomination from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: In that window, select Transaction account as the account type and enter your account number.

Step 6: You will now see your SBI account’s CIF number.

SBI CIF number can be found in the passbook/cheque book:

SBI Passbook and Cheque Book are the other two means for obtaining the CIF number.

Customers can readily verify this number by looking at the top of the passbook on the first page.

If you are unable to locate it, you may check this number at a local branch; however, you must bring your Id proof with you.

You can also check this number on the back of your SBI Cheque book. When consumers create a new account with SBI, they are given a cheque book. You can simply discover the number on the front page of your check book in that book. However, the CIF number is no longer printed in the SBI cheque book. If you can’t find this number in your passbook or chequebook, you can use one of the other methods listed below.

Call Customer Service to obtain SBI’s CIF number:

Calling SBI customer service instead of going to the branch is one of the best ways to get a Cif number. Call the SBI toll-free numbers 1800 425 3800, 1800 11 2211, and so on. When you get a call, ask for the SBI Cif number from customer service. They will then ask for your account information and provide you with the phone number.

Visit the home branch to obtain a CIF number:

You can visit your SBI home branch directly if you don’t wish to phone or don’t have SBI internet banking. You will need to ask for this number once you arrive. As a result, they will request your SBI account information as well as evidence of identification. After that, you’ll find out what your CIF number is. That is all there is to it.

Final Thoughts:

These are the five most effective methods for locating the SBI CIF number, whether online or offline. Finding SBI’s CIF number is no longer a difficult procedure. I hope you found this post on how to get the SBI CIF number in 5 approaches useful in learning more. Follow the steps to quickly locate your phone number. Please contact us if you have any questions about this article. Thank you very much!