The Anubis outfit was one of the most prominent sets shown off by Ubisoft in the weeks preceding up to Assassin’s Creed Origins’ official release. It’s a whole suit of armor, complete with weapons to match. It will also be the most difficult clothing to obtain due to the several stages you must complete in order to obtain it.

Players will have to complete a post-launch event called the Trial of the Gods in order to obtain components of the full set. This event pits players against famous Egyptian bosses in a series of timed events, with the goal of unlocking one portion of the Anubis suit if they succeed. 

Trial of the Gods went live on November 11th, giving participants a week to complete the event and win a reward.

When the event is live, check your map for a new quest marker in the Great Sand Sea region to acquire the Anubis outfit. Here you’ll find a level 40 mission that requires you to fight Anubis. Before attempting this quest, we recommend stocking up on arrows and attempting to meet the level requirement.

You’ll be rewarded with one random piece of armor from the Anubis gear set if you manage to win. You’ll have to wait until the event reopens before attempting the trial again and attempting to obtain the remaining armor.