Feeling lost in a cloud of guilt? As a human, it is normal to feel bad for things that have happened in the past and the mistakes you made. What is not normal is holding on to the past. When you hold yourself guilty for the past, you hinder yourself from moving on which can damage self-growth in the future. These can be little things that leave a scar in your mind.

You start nurturing these and soon after this guilt starts feeding on your mental peace. So how do you move past your guilt? Accepting your flaws can be tough but has to be done to encourage growth. Following are the some ways you can learn to forgive yourself. Check it how:

Be Kind to Yourself


 The first step to forgiving yourself is remembering that you are your person first before anyone else. Think how it is easy to forgive people when you love them. But when it comes to being kind to oneself, we don’t give ourselves the space to make mistakes. Conjure the love you have for yourself and give yourself the freedom to walk past your deeds.

Acknowledge It

You know you are guilty. Don’t run from it. Visit your guilt. Visit your past mistakes. Live it all over again. Accept that you were wrong to have done what you did. Once you are able to affirm your flaws to yourself, it becomes easy to move on. This way you can understand that you were an inexperienced person back then. Now you are a better human who knows how to deal with a situation like that. Now you have skills which you didn’t have back then. This is how you turn your past into a learning lesson.

Evaluate Your Feelings

We all have our own way of dealing with our guilt. Some of us cry it out, be mad, others stress themselves out. Take time to look into your own hurt and identify what you are feeling. Once you able to identify your feelings, you can make efforts to walk away from the anger, hurt, stress or whatever else you are feeling.

You are Not Perfect

You are Not Perfect

Understand that you are not perfect, no one is. We all are flawed human beings with no or less understanding of how the world works. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes. Give yourself the slack to err. After all, this is the only way we learn to deal with situations. Once you accept your limitations, you will be able to move on from your errors.

Watch Your Inner Critic

Critiquing yourself every once in a while is necessary to promote self-growth. But when you are blaming yourself for something, it’s important to keep a check on your inner voice. We can be really harsh on ourselves. You need to make sure that you are considerate and compassionate enough towards yourself to encourage forgiveness. Make a note of the negative thoughts in your mind and turn them around by answering each one of them in a positive light.

Own Your Actions

Take responsibility for what you do and why you do them. Once you are able to own your actions, the road to self-forgiveness becomes easy. If you blame someone else for your actions, you keep thinking of the other possible scenarios. This process of validating your part in the deed stresses you out. You try to justify your deeds, exhausting yourself. Instead, start taking responsibility for all you do. If it turns out wrong, you can always make take lessons from it.

While these are just some tips you can work on to free yourself of the guilt that’s eating you up, always remember you are the first person you should listen to. Take your own advice because nobody understands you better than you. If you’re still unable to find compassion for yourself in your heart, seek professional help. The road to self-forgiveness is long and if you can’t help yourself, let someone else do it. As long as you are able to move forward, it’s all good. The only thing that matters is that you love yourself and are at peace with your own self.