Loving your pets is inevitable. Coming home to a wagging tail has to be one of the happiest feelings in the world. You love them every day, every hour, every minute. But just like every other love, we celebrate the love for your pets as a special eve too. This February 20th, the world will observe National Love Your Pet Day when you can shower your furry friend with love and attention. This day, show your little creature how much you adore them and how they have brought light to your life.

  1. Special Walks: Most of us have feline or canine pets or both. So you might ask what’s special in a walk. It’s not uncommon to take your furry companion out for a walk. You usually do that. But this time, do it differently. Take an unusual path. Even better, take them to a beach or trek along with them to a scenic area. Dogs and cats love to explore new places and smells. By taking them on a special route out, you can give them an adrenaline rush like never before. Some of us also bunnies, birds, hamsters and turtles. For such animals who are bound to live in cages or small spaces, a long time out can be a good break.
  2. Treats and More: No matter what kind of pet you have, they all love something a little special for their taste buds. This February 20th, give them a special treat they haven’t had before. Your pooch will love an extra delicious meal. Buy some special food for them or make it yourself. Google some yummy DIY treats you cook for your little companion. There are special bakeries that bake pet special cookies, treats and cakes, order one for your pet and let them have a tasty feast. You can also take them to an animal friendly restaurant or café and have a meal together. They will love your company alongside their meal.
  3. Playdates: Make the day fun by arranging a playdate with your pet. We all know someone with a pet. Take your pet to their house or meet with them at a park so they can have fun together. Pets love meeting their own kind. You will see their eyes light up with energy when they see another of their kind. You can even arrange meet ups with different animals. The curiosity and enthusiasm they show while meeting another is worth it. Just make sure that both the animals and parents are safe.
  4. Toys Toys: Every animal loves a little fun. All our little creatures have a favorite toy of their own. This National Love Your Pet Day, switch it up by giving them new toys to play with. Visit a pet shop with them and let them select their own. Even more special, make one yourself. It will be worth the effort you put in when you see them wagging their tail and run away with their new toy.
  5. Work Date: Many workplaces and offices observe National Love Your Pet Day. Take this opportunity to give your pet a day filled with love and fun. They sit and wait for you all day while you work at the office. This 20th, take them to work with you. They will love the attention of new people and their pets. Make sure to feed them on time and pet them every once in a while to remind them that they are still your special ones.
  6. Cleaning Rituals: Most of our pets hate to be bathed. It’s normal. However, that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning them. Give them a complete bath so you can sleep with peace of mind that your little creature is safe and clean. You can also take them to a special grooming session at a professional pet grooming salon. Make sure to be with them when they are being cleaned. They will appreciate having you around at such a stressful time.
  7. Sleepover: Yes they have their own comfortable beds to retire on but this day, show them love by allowing them to sleep with you. If you think it will too much or may make them want to do it every day, for once prepare your own bed alongside theirs. Pets love having their parents around all the time. By sleeping with them, you can show your affection in a way they will understand.
  8. Visit A Local Shelter: There are many of us who love animals but for some reason or the other cannot have one in our homes. Don’t let that dishearten you. Visit a local animal shelter and make this day special for yourself and them. Shelter animals are always in need of love and affection. By spending time with animals, you can honor this special day.
  9. Donate: Not every animal is lucky to have one loving companion like yourself. Take this day to giving away to some furry ones in need. There are many shelters who are welcoming volunteers and donations. Donate money, food, toys or bedding essentials to such organizations. You can also help some get adopted by sponsoring their adoption. Many pet hospitals also come across strays in dire conditions. Sponsor their treatments or even better, adopt them if you can. There is nothing more rewarding than giving a better life to a creature who can’t speak. You can also donate online to organizations.

While this unofficial day is just a way to give something to those cohabitating with us, don’t forget that all other animals are also your own. Make sure to always treat creatures, other than your pets, with love and respect. They deserve the same treatment nonetheless. When you love an animal, it gives you the chance to discover another side of you that is pure and untouched of any evil. Like Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”.