In this fast-moving technology ridden world, falling prey to depression and anxiety has become quite a trend. Seeing seemingly happier women around, you tend to question your self-worth. The worst thing this self-questioning does is take away your self-esteem which you should not allow yourself at any point. Women suffer through bouts of low confidence without uttering a word. Drowning in low self-esteem, many young and deserving women lose their spirit to survive. Giving up is pretty easy but living up is what you should be focusing on.

When you lower your ground, you also lose those who care about you. The way to keep others happy is to love your own self first. We have brought you some recipes to how you can give yourself a little dose of self-love and become a happier person. Check it how:

Quit Comparing

Your worst enemy is you. You bring out that negative side of you by putting yourself on a balance with other women. We all have competition in our lives. It is necessary by all means but to let it become poisonous is the worst mistake you can make. Many a women see other women and want to become them. What you need to understand is that you should be focusing on bettering yourself instead of becoming someone else. You are unique and you are the only one. You should focus on becoming your best self. Instead of trying to be the woman you see every day, become the woman you yourself want to be.

Body Positivity

Body shaming has become a habit of the multitude on a regular basis. Over the years, the universal standards of a perfect body have changed. This led to the rise of Body Positivity movement which stresses on shattering the accepted standards and importance of loving your body as it is. Perfect teeth, plump lips, thigh gaps, and sculpted midriffs; these are the little boulders placed on young women’s shoulders forcing them to go the tough road to get accepted by the society. The cost? They embrace anorexia, become bulimic, train harder, eat lesser and drown themselves in mugs of black coffee and self-torture.

What you need to know is that your body is a temple. You need to take care of it. Your body is your own and not subject to scrutiny. Love yourself how you are. Instead of becoming what they ask of you, become a healthier version of yourself. It’s not the others’ opinion that counts but if you like the abode that is your being. Focus on what’s good for you, not what the world tells you.

Daily Reminders

The road to self-love is long. It doesn’t happen in a day. Start with a few changes in your life and you will see the change in you. Make a list of things to do every day. A minute to talk to yourself every day, an hour of meditation every morning, daily walk in solitude, a good breakfast and telling your close ones you love them. Little changes can go a long way. These are baby steps to the journey of self-realization. Once you start taking these few hours off for yourself every day, you will learn to embrace your inner self. Once you do that, you will see your soul glow.

Talk It Out

Seeking help is not bad. Forget what the world says. What should matter to yourself is you. Many young girls and women suffer through mental stress without being able to tell anyone. Take professional help or confide in your family and friends. It’s always best to let out what you’re going through instead of letting it eat you up inside. If you let that steam build up then you will not be able to nurture yourself the way you should. Nurturing yourself is a mandatory step to loving yourself. Nurture your body, heart and soul so you can be at peace with yourself.

Embrace Your Past

They say you need to forget what happened to make way for good things. That is not true. The truth is there is absolutely no way to shut down your past. What you need to do is accept all that has happened and move forward. Learn from your past. Instead of shutting down those memories, take lessons, make mental notes on how you can better yourself.

Promise yourself that you will not let anything bring you down. You are a constitution of your memories and experiences. There is absolutely no need to distance yourself from those. Face them and you will be stronger. You will understand the changes in yourself which is important to love yourself.

Acknowledge Your Fears

To be afraid of something is human nature. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Suppressing your fears is one way to harbor anxiety. Look into yourself and evaluate your fears. This way you will be able to see clearly what was causing you issues. You can then work on your mental health.

Put Yourself First

Yes, you have responsibilities to take care of but that does not mean you will keep putting others first and forget about your own self. The way society works, it’s normal to see women grow used to caring for others’ well-being and give up on their own. If you cannot change your ways, at least find some time to let out the steam. Take some time off for yourself every week, every day even if possible. Spend time with yourself. A few moments in solitude can help your mental health in numerous ways.


As a writer once said, “the purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to feel. It is to know that your pain is essential”. So allow yourself some space. Rejoice in your happiness. Embrace your pain. Both are necessary. Be ready to take on whatever comes your way. Once your start realizing that these are just emotions you will understand that your anxiety is also your phase. Feelings come and go. You are more than your anxiety. This will make you stronger, healthier and bolder.

Speak Your Mind

Start taking part in discussions. Speak what you feel. Forget about anyone’s confirmation. Let your thoughts out. Doesn’t matter if you are wrong. Doesn’t matter if your voice shakes. Speak out all that’s in your mind. Once you learn to take part in conversations, you will become bolder. This boldness will boost your confidence which will help you acknowledge your importance. When you understand that you matter, you harbor a self-love that nobody can shake.

While these are just baby steps, you need to realize that you don’t fall in love with yourself overnight. It’s a long process but it will happen slowly and gradually. You just need to appreciate that process. Become a powerful mind and soul. Love yourself bit by bit and you will see the changes in yourself.