When applying for the WhatsApp Business API, you must first remove the WhatsApp account associated with the phone number. As a result, backing up your old chat history could be beneficial.

Wi-Fi isn’t always available on our iPhones. Even when the iPhone has enough cellular data, the WhatsApp chat backup feature says that it is waiting for a Wi-Fi connection when we combine cellular data with iCloud to back up WhatsApp data… We don’t seem to be able to backup WhatsApp to iCloud without WiFi. However, there are times when we need to back up the crucial WhatsApp data we received, even if our iPhone is not connected to the internet. Is it possible to back up WhatsApp data in this situation?

1. Make a backup with iTunes.

You can still back up WhatsApp data to your local computer if we can’t keep it on the iCloud server. Use iTunes to back up your iPhone, which will save all of your data (including WhatsApp messages) to your computer. Connect your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes installed, then open iTunes, click the iPhone icon to reach the Summary tab, select This computer -> (non-encrypted iPhone backup) -> click the Back Up Now button.

All backup data on the PC is secured when you back up iPhone data with iTunes. You won’t be able to see WhatsApp chat messages, media files, or other items in the iTunes backup until you restore the iPhone device in the following step.

2. Take use of WhatsApp Pocket.

WhatsApp Pocket is an iPhone app that allows you to backup, extract, and recover your WhatsApp messages. From an iPhone, iTunes, or iCloud backup, it can download all WhatsApp chat messages, WhatsApp contacts, media files, documents, call logs and more. All WhatsApp chat messages can be saved to an HTML file, WhatsApp contacts can be saved to a vcf file, and WhatsApp media files and documents can be saved to the appropriate file format.

a). Install WhatsApp Pocket on a computer that already has iTunes installed.

b). To scan, open WhatsApp Pocket, click your iPhone icon, and then WhatsApp Chat. To save, select the WhatsApp conversation message or attachment, contacts, log files, and other options.