20th March is observed as World Oral Health Day all around the world which is the perfect excuse to spread awareness for the importance of a happy mouth. Children and fellows everywhere are unaware of the need for oral hygiene. We go about our lives eating good and working out at the gym, focused at achieving a chiseled body that everyone swoons at but not many understand the significance of oral health.

World Oral Health Day was first proposed in 2007 on September 12 on the birthday of FDI founder Dr. Charles Godon. However, this campaign was fully organized in 2013, with 20th March as the new date. The new date also backed up some facts deemed necessary by the World Dental Federation: a child must have 20 baby teeth and seniors must have 20 natural teeth at the end time of their life to be considered orally healthy. Ever since 2013, the FDI World Dental Federation introduces a campaign theme to bring the world face to face with the need of a healthy mouth.

Act on Mouth Health 2019

Act on Mouth Health 2019

This year, FDI has introduced the Act on Mouth Health campaign to bring the issue of oral hygiene in light. This campaign includes raising awareness of good oral health for children and adults. Taking it on a world changing level, it also focuses on policies and movements for governments to ensure the word reaches every country and corner of the world. After all, a healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy body.

Want to participate? Take it to the social media. Engage and invite your peers to spread the word on #ActOnMouthHealth campaign. The more people know about it, the more the success. You can also make your own little efforts by involving your friends, neighborhood or locality.

Here are some fun ideas for activities that you can organize in your home or in the vicinity:

  • Arrange a potluck dinner at your home with all kinds of eateries that are good for your mouth. Ask your invitees to bring good eatables like fruits, corn, flavored milk, yogurt and so on. You can also a host a picnic. Make sure that children are present at the event as children ignore oral hygiene the most.
  • Replace your old toothbrushes for new attractive ones. Place creative toothbrush stands for your children in plain sight so they won’t forget to brush their mouth daily.
  • Get together with people in your neighborhood or friends and come with creative ideas like brushing or flossing together, make a fun video of it and post it online followed by the trending hashtags on oral health.
  • Prepare some artwork with people in your locality and take pictures.
  • Arrange for a dental doctor to come and advice on oral health in your locality.
  • There are many events organized worldwide to promote oral health that you can take part in with your community. For details, visit http://www.worldoralhealthday.org/events


This 20th March, don’t just sit back and share oral health posts online but make changes in your life too. Take charge and make a list of smart actions for your family so that you can all live healthily and promote a good oral hygiene regime:

Oral Health Tips

  • Brush Daily: This is a no-brainer of course. Ever since school times, we have been taught to brush daily and twice, once in the morning and other at night. In today’s lifestyle, not many abide by this rule. However, it’s never too late to make a good change. No matter how late or tired you are, never miss brushing your teeth. Make it a habit by involving your whole family. Especially teach your children. The early you set their habits, the better it is for them to stick to it.
  • Regular Dental Check-Ups: We cannot stress enough on the importance of regular dental check-ups. Fix a visit with your family dentist on regular intervals. Make sure your whole family goes through the routine. You may think your oral hygiene is on dot but you can never tell. A visit to the doc and you will find out how wrong you are. Cavities, plagues, bleeding gums creep up just like that and by the time you notice it may be too late.
  • Eat Healthy: Like other healthy body habits, a healthy mouth also requires taking a healthy diet. Avoid junk food as much as you can and eat fruits and vegetables, have milk and curd daily for a healthy oral environment. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and sugar as these can severely damage your teeth.
  • Floss: Like brushing, flossing your teeth daily is also just as important. There is a lot of residue that gets accumulated between your teeth which cannot be removed as easily with brushing. Ensure that you and everyone else in your family develops the habit of flossing teeth at least once daily.
  • Drink Tap Water: You may be worked up about installing that water purifier in your home, but what if we tell you that all that fluoride infused water is actually good for you? Research prove that fluoride present in tap water can actually prevent tooth decay by 25%. So set your fear aside and drink water straight out of your taps for healthy teeth.

So that was our take on World Oral Health Day. Want to contribute to oral health? We know many of you young souls desire to become a tooth savior. With the rising awareness towards oral health, many are turning towards a career as a dental doctor.

Don’t know where to start? You can apply in any dental school and get a degree! Most of the dental colleges don’t ask for any particular subject, however, some may insist for a science background. An undergraduate degree with majors in Chemistry, Physics and Biology will strengthen your chances for admission. Then you will need to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and perform well to be accepted into a medical school. After that you can enroll in any medical school of your choice.

There are courses like diplomas and graduate courses as well (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) that you can go for. Once completed, you will need to train from a dental school before you can practice on your own.

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