It was back in 1917 that women in Russia earned the right to Suffrage on the 8th of March. Today, the day is celebrated every year globally that recognizes the efforts taken to bring women to the foreground of the world. Ever since, International Women’s Day celebration observes and acknowledges the role of women in the male dominant era that raves of the patriarchal system in every possible corner of the economic, social and domestic front.

Why is International Women’s Day Celebrated?

While in many countries, March 8 is declared a national holiday, others still acknowledge the day as a reformative effort. In India also, where atrocities against women have been subject to much scrutiny and criticism, International Women’s Day activities are planned to honour the women who have fought the battle for women’s liberation. The importance of International Women’s Day has been established on the Indian lands in an attempt to back the movement for women empowerment in every sphere.

Pushing for Change on A Greater Level

With the uproar of feminism and women empowerment, many have come in support. Government has taken many reformatory steps to make lives easier for women. From implementing laws to protect the integrity of women to making small efforts that reinforce the idea of fair treatment, change is surely backed by those in power. Every year, major brands from around the world take part in this celebration of the feminine by coming up with new ideas and offers for women. This year also, international brands like Amazon, Adidas, Guinness and more have come up with marketing strategies that promote embracing femininity as it comes, it all colors, shapes and sizes.

#BalanceForBetter: Women’s Day Theme for 2019

Balance For Better

This International Women’s Day celebration is centered on the theme of #BalanceForBetter already doing the rounds on social media and across countries. The idea is to understand the history of women and indulge into the steps taken towards curbing the issues of gender inequality. Activists, victims of gender discrimination and women everywhere will take part in the social movements introduced to spur the fire for emancipation from restrictions of all kinds on the grounds of gender. Already trending high, the thought is to go back in time and revisit the history of women around the world. The fights that were won and that weren’t. The small efforts that little by little have brought about a big change and continue to do so. The rebellion for women empowerment started with one aim: equality. #BalanceForBetter supports that thought. The goal should not be forgot. By visiting the history of women’s fights, the world will again come face to face with the one aim that focuses on acquiring a world that treats men and women alike. A world where one gets the recognition he or she deserves irrespective of gender.

Women’s Day Celebration in India

This March 8th, many women have taken to social media to express gratitude towards the women who have taught them to live bolder. To promote it on a greater level, many organizations are coming up with ideas. Especially in India, where treatment of women has been subject to much scrutiny and criticism over the years, things are changing. The achievements of women are being acknowledged and rewarded now.

Air India has announced all-women crew flights to fly on 52 routes in an effort to recognize the various fields women are leaving their footprints at. Other airlines have also brought offers and discounts that women can take advantage of. Shopping brands have introduced offers in light of International Women’s Day celebrations.

NGOs across the country organize skits, plays and rallies to bring more focus to women empowerment. Cultural events and workshops also are also hosted by women-centric organizations to regard the hardships conquered over by those who come who from difficult backgrounds.

As a gesture, Mumbai government has announced to hire more female drivers and conductors to run the public buses. Free in-state bus rides are also being given to women on the eve of International Women’s Day in Rajasthan, Pune, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana.

After the ladies special train, now Mumbai Municipal Transport has announced 10 “Tejaswini” buses exclusively for women to hit the roads soon.

The automotive industry has not stayed behind either. Various automobile companies, Maruti Suzuki, Renault, Ford have brought in exclusive offers for their female customers like free car washes, discounts on accessories purchases and a lot more.

Local supermarkets and grocery stores offer discounts and freebies to women.

Men and women acknowledge each other as equals and appreciate the other’s effort at work places. In education sector also, female staff greet each other with flowers and words of gratitude.

Women’s Day Activities to Organize

When the kahunas of the world are coming together to celebrate womanhood, why should you stay behind? There’s a lot that you can do on your own.

  • Bring in women of your community together and organize workshops where everyone can lay down their thoughts in open.
  • Acknowledge the women in your life, from your mother to your maid, by giving them personalized gifts, flowers, cards and letters thanking them for their exceptional role.
  • We all love cricket but how many of you have actually taken up the bat? Make it fun this Women’s Day by organizing an all-women sport.
  • Host workshops for men where you can discuss the importance of the male presence in the fight for equality.
  • Wear and encourage others to wear purple, the global color of women empowerment, at your work place on the day.
  • Visit local NGOs and women empowerment organizations along with your friends and family.
  • Donate to women of lower classes and educate them on the importance of the Women’s Day.
  • Organize meets that inform women of the various laws and rights of women.
  • Plan all women activities like baking, stitching, cooking, sports, writing sessions, poetry and story readings that celebrate the various talents of women from every field.
  • Encourage women to take up their hobbies and turn them into successful ventures.

India has apparently come a long way in the fight for women’s emancipation from the shackles of the patriarchal system that continues to curb the abilities of women on every possible ground. After acknowledging women in the political and social corners of the sphere, now there are discussions on further taboo topics too that include the third gender and LGBT community. While female sexuality has always remained a restricted topic in India, to open up to homosexuality is a big step towards a change. There’s a lot to be done still as there’s much on stake. Women’s Day keeps reminding us of that. Every year we celebrate our victories and look towards more that needs to be achieved for women in every corner of the Earth.

We wish you a very happy and empowering #InternationalWomensDay!