Ever since the breakout #METOO movement there has been a safe space for women to come out and talk about their sexual assaults. While women feel empowered, men on the other hand feel threatened. The hesitation is mostly because the abusers are scared to be thrown in the spotlight and be questioned about their actions.


On the other hand, this platform is also being use to falsely accuse men by women for their self-driven reasons. This could majorly affect the life of the accused and the lives of people around them.

8% of all the rape allegations have proven to be false. The ones behind this are usually teenage girls trying to escape trouble after skipping school, adultery, sexual relationship etc. They are driven by their survival instincts so intensely that they loose all sense of right and wrong. They rather push an innocent person under the bus than face a little punishment.


A few other reasons could also be:

  • Sympathy – a lot of people and communities are coming together to support and help people who have been a victim of abuse. A few of the lot may want to use this in their interest.
  • Popularity– with the amount of social media reach, anyone who is a part of a story concerning a particular social issue are put under a limelight. This could be both be a good thing and a bad thing. For anyone coming out with a bogus story this popularity works in their favor.
  • Revenge– where there are communities and people working so hard to create a safe space for women, it can also be misused as a platform to seek revenge.
  • Legal compensations – since the government may provide legal compensation from the abuser to the victim, this is also another motive for people to wrongly accuse another.

These factors aren’t only applicable to false allegations of sexual harassment but any false allegation whatsoever.

 This majorly effects the person who is accused. The person is not just boycotted for the society, he is psychologically damaged. It is extremely difficulty to win a case like this but in case that does happen life doesn’t go back to normal for either of these people.

This puts both male and female victims in danger.

But cases like these are very uncommon. The true allegations against men outnumber the false allegations. The main concern is to focus on the people who are coming out with their stories. The fact that there are people who wrongly accuse people with false allegations should not cloud our judgement and change our way of thinking.

Any movement for a good cause can be misused by people. In cases like these it is not okay to blame the movement. The fault lies in the mentalities of people who would use any platform for their own good while the motive of the movement was only to bring about a necessary and important change.