Indian food is known for its spicy, tangy and heart warming taste. It’s because of the use of spices which makes a dish tongue tickling. The spices used are lifeline of Indian foods. Chat masala is a powdered form of dried spices used for taste enhancement. Below is the recipe of chat masala which can make your food or any snack more tasty and spicy.


(yields 250 grams)

¼ cup jeera (cumin seeds)

1 ½ teaspoon Salt

¼ cup of amchur (dried mango powder)

1 teaspoon of kaali mirch (black pepper)

2 teaspoons of black salt

½ teaspoon hing (asafoetida)


  1. Firstly, roast the jeera on a pan for about 1 minute on a medium flame and let it cool down.
  2. Now, blend the roasted jeera and kaali mirch to make a powder.
  3. Sift the powder using a sieve and discard the non-powdered part.
  4. Add the amchur powder, salt, hing and black salt to this sifted mixture and mix well with the help of spoon or hands.
  5. Store the chat masala in an airtight container and use it for making dishes yummy. You can use this chat masala for making gravy, fruit chats and rolls tasty.