North Indian food is usually incomplete without chapati or roti. This is made of whole wheat flour. Following these steps, one can make a perfect chapati.


(for 10-12 chapatis)
2 cups of aata (whole wheat flour)
1-2 tablespoon ghee (optional)
1 teaspoon salt (optional)
1 cup warm water


  • Now, in a bowl, mix atta, salt and ½ tablespoon ghee with your hands. If you want, you can avoid the use of ghee. Now, add ½ cup of water and using your fingers in a circular motion, try kneading the dough. Don’t just use all the water at a time as it will make it hard to make dough.
  • The main thing that must be kept in mind is that just add water till the time all the flour gets together. The dough must neither be very sticky nor dry. It can take 10 minutes for kneading the dough. Use your fist to smoothen it.
  • Now, make medium sized bowls out of the dough. Dip them in the flour and diameter of the flour must not be more than 3 inches. You will have to use your hands for rolling them.
  • Now, with a rolling pin, try to expand the dough in a circular form and they must be even from every side.
    Now, heat the tawa and place the chapati on it and when it is less than half cooked, flip it and use the high flame. Now, the chapati will begin to fill with air and now, try to press the corners with spoon or spatula to make it airy and soft.
  • Flip till it becomes evenly cooked and don’t let it burn.
  • Now, get the roti out of tawa and repeat the same procedure.
  • You can apply the butter or ghee on roti and serve hot with some curry, pickle or any other vegetable.