When you have been working out tirelessly at the gym, a vacation may put a halt on your regime to a perfect body. A vacation means ditching your usual diet, irregular schedule, fun and so many new experiences. But if you don’t pay attention, the body you worked so hard for may suffer. The best way to counter this is figuring out a way to have fun on your holiday without damaging the body you have sacrificed a lot for.

Who says you cannot have a vacation without going berserk? You can enjoy your vacation while taking care of your body. We have brought you tips that will help you stay in shape even in that vacay mode. Read on to find out:

Cut Carbs and Take Plenty Fats

Remember this simple routine. Less carbs and lots of fats should be your focus whenever you take a meal or snack on something. While this does not mean you have to feast on carb free meals all day, it’s best to limit your carb intake until the end of the day. What you need is 100-200g of carbohydrates a day. By limiting your carb intake till later, you are only consuming what’s necessary for your body. Feed on lean meats that are also a good source of protein. These are good fats essential for your body. However, stay miles away from saturated fats and fatty acids.

Set Yourself A Work Out Regime

You will not always be lucky enough to find a gymnasium so it’s better to set yourself a workout schedule which does not require a full-fledged gym. A combination of some basic exercises even once a day are enough to give your body its daily push. A simple circuit of exercises like pushups, squats, hamstring kicks, triceps dip and front raise will work up every muscle group of your body in less time. Make sure to repeat at least 8-10 reps of each exercise. You can also pack in a resistance band or skipping rope in your luggage which are effective tools for exercise that you can use anywhere.


When you can’t find your usual equipment, improvise! You will be surprised by how you can work up your body with simple every day activities. Instead of waiting in the lounge for your flight, brisk walk across the terminal. Instead of taking elevators in hotels and malls, take the stairs. Running stairs is actually a great calorie-burner. It gets your heartbeat a-running, pumps the blood all through your body.

You must have sight-seeing plans lined up, so why not ditch taxis and put on your walking shoes for the same? Walking/jogging will be a great exercise while you can take in the fresh breeze and sights of the little things. What better way to explore a new location? While going out for meals, search for restaurants in the vicinity. This way, you will get a good exercise before and after meals which will help with your digestion. Even better, take a swim in your hotel’s pool. Nothing is better than a power filled swim.

Shortlist Local Gyms

While booking your hotel, make it a point to scope out the local gyms. For better convenience, you can also book a hotel with gymnasium facility. You don’t need to go every day, but when you do, take some time in hand so you can train well. While you may not necessarily find the equipment you are accustomed to, make the best of what you have got. Find what you are comfortable with and get along with it.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals on vacation is normal for most people but if you have a hard made body, you know it can turn out to be a disaster. It may become difficult to keep up with your busy schedule on the go which leads to forgetting meals. This does not sound like much of a deal but skipping meals will eventually lead you to consume way too many calories by the time you sit down to eat. Make sure that you keep your meals in check as more hunger will make you take in more food later.

Pack in Enough Snacks

While packing up, fill up your bags with healthy snacks like dry fruits, protein bars and so on so when you feel those hunger pangs, you will have a healthy something to munch on instead of gorging on the street side hot dogs. When you leave for exploration, take some fruits and healthy vegetables so you can keep your systems working.

Take Your Trainer Along

No we don’t want you to force your gym trainer along with you but there are substitutes that can help you pretty well. Confused? There are many apps available online to keep you in track of your fitness regime. There are many personalized apps available as well that will provide you details about workouts based on your level of fitness.

Don’t Forget Your Water

Always carry a water bottle around. It’s important to keep your body hydrated during vacations. Most probably, you are going into a different climate, weather and taking different cuisine. Traveling can be dehydrating with all the sun on your head, so to help with your body’s well being, it is essential for you to have enough water. Never wait for that sign of thirst. Keep drinking a sip or two throughout the day.

Train Smart

Yes, we know getting your body to where it is has been hard but that does not mean you have to go out of your head. Vacations are necessary for your body and mind. These are mandatory breaks so don’t push yourself too much. Train only if you want to. Don’t do it as an obligation. When you train, train smartly. Focus on lesser exercises that work up all your muscle groups instead of focusing on your usual circuit. You can train every alternate day or once a week but when you do it, do it well. Keep track of your progress and changes in the body.

These simple yet effective tips will help you combat well with the calories you will be consuming on your vacation. At the end of the day, don’t lose your head over fitness. You deserve a break, make the best of it!