Things that are in vogue can be broadly classified into two categories: ‘The Oldies’ and ‘The Beasties’. Allow me to explain. ‘The Oldies’ refer to things that were all the rage many seasons ago and are now making a comeback in a ‘big way’. On the other hand, ‘The Beasties’ (derived from the character of Beast in Beauty and the Beast) are basically things that have been considered ‘ugly’ in the past but now the snazzier and beautiful versions of these are very in. These two categories also apply to accessories.

Let’s take a look on how many of the latest trends in accessories come under ‘The Oldies’ and how many come under ‘The Beasties’ and irrespective of which category, how to style these accessories.

Fanny packs but not as bad as dad jokes

Fanny packs but not as bad as dad jokes

Never mind the tiny clutches that can barely fit your phone, fanny packs are now hot and in. But this isn’t the saggy polyester pouch you have seen hanging from your dad’s waist on trips, it’s the gorgeous leather cousin that’s become all the rage among the beautiful people right now. You can either camouflage the fanny pack with your outfit (left photo) or make it stand out from your outfit (right photo). Wear clothes from the colour palette of the fanny pack if you want the camouflage-effect or wear completely contrasting coloured clothes, preferably of a different texture than the fanny pack to achieve the standout-effect.

Ski goggles or Sunglasses?

Ski goggles or Sunglasses

Remember those tiny sunglasses? Adios amigos to them. When it comes to sunglasses, things just got bigger and better. Dainty is out and chunky is in. These sunglasses come with no distinction between the right eye and left eye lenses at the top and have an uncanny resemblance to ski goggles. The lenses are usually reflective or in solid colours, providing versatility when it comes to pairing this cool eyewear with an outfit. The sunglasses are a statement in themselves and if going all out isn’t your style then muted, solid colours will work great with these sunglasses. However, if you want to stand out then go with bright prints, even neon if you are bold enough. Just remember, there is a thin line between bold and tacky, try to stay on the bold side of the line.

Comfort? Sandals

comfort sandals womens

Functionality and comfort are hot right now and as a result sandals are in, especially sandals with buckles, zippers and basically anything that can be passed off as functional (left photo). Although, only one or at the most two buckles seem to be needed for these sandals, the designer ensures you overdose on functionality by giving you no less than four. Sandals can be worn with almost anything as long as it ends before mid-calf or is cinched at the ankles. However, if you want to get on this trend and you are a fan of the great outdoors, then be ready for some killer tan lines.

Jewellery: more is more

piece or pieces of jewellery in mind

Toss out your pearls and all things dainty because maximalism has swallowed up minimalism as a whole. In other words, anything that falls under the category of ‘In your face’ is in. Far be it for jewellery to be secondary to your outfit, maximalist jewellery is taking centre stage with outfits being modelled around it. In other words, your outfit should be chosen keeping only the piece or pieces of jewellery in mind. The term ‘statement piece’ has been given a new definition by gold chain link jewellery along with printed brand names as seen in the photo on the left. Whereas, delicate silver jewellery has been given a twist with an element of ‘larger than life’ similar to large pearl drops at the end as seen in the photo on the right.

All beasties in fashion at the moment. So, next time you go shopping for accessories, buy things you consider ‘ugly’ but make sure they are the prettier versions of these items. Simple, right?