Do you look at models while flipping through magazines, make a mental note of their outfits and try to purchase a similar ensemble on your next shopping trip?

If not a magazine then a movie or TV show? We are all guilty of doing this.😅

Credits: The Coveteur

Science tells us that no two people have the same fingerprints, similarly no piece of clothing will look the same draped on two different people. Testimony to this is the ‘Who wore it better?’ content that floods media platforms, social media or otherwise, after Page 3 parties and award shows.


Everyone has their own unique sense of style that looks best on them. If you have found it then that’s great but keep experimenting, don’t let yourself be confined to stereotypes and the latest trends. If you are one of those who doesn’t have a clue or needs a little help, here are a few things to consider.



Everybody doesn’t have the same body

This is the foremost principle. Even though mainstream media tries it’s best to sell you the ‘ideal body type’, it is important to understand that everybody doesn’t have the same body and that is absolutely okay. It is ridiculous to let some 200 odd glossy papers tell you, ‘what you should look like’. Own your body and dress accordingly. Accentuate your curves and compliment the angles in your body. Try out a number of different fits to find the ones that suit you best, rather than copy- pasting what’s in vogue on your body. This will make you stand out while being comfortable.


The colour spectrum is vast enough for all of us

Credits: StrandofSilk

‘That colour doesn’t suit you’ is a line you have heard from someone, said to someone and thought about someone. In such a situation, I would like to introduce you to a few sweet nothings called hues. Hues are basically infinite variations of the same colour.

In other words, if turquoise isn’t your best friend, it’s very likely emerald green is the one for you. You can experiment with monotones, corals, pastels, neons and so many more variants of the same colours. Experimenting is important but never forget, all black is timeless.


Prints printed on printed clothes

Credits: Fashionpickle


Moving a step forward from colours, come prints and this doesn’t mean just floral prints. The world of printed fabric spans beyond the realm of florals and it is your destiny to explore it. Paisley, Aztec, Polka Dots, Stencils and Hand block prints are some examples.

You can try out printed tops with denims or slacks, printed bottoms with solid colour shirts and once you are sure, even a full printed ensemble. Keep in mind, colours also play a major role in distinguishing between the prints that work for you and the prints that won’t.




Accessorize it till you make it

Credits: Caleidoscope

No look is complete without an accessory or a gorgeous pair of shoes. Hairbands, finger rings, nose rings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, watches and even decorative hair-clips and rubber bands will elevate your choice of clothing to add that extra oomph-factor.

Imagine this, a solid white shirt tucked into high waist blue denims, cute but basic. Now add some silver jhumkas or a silver ethnic choker or even something as simple as a statement belt or watch and you have a whole new look. Shoes also add an interesting new dimension to your look.

Heels elongate your posture, shoes can be sporty or funky or classy, while flats are a blessing to your feet, mix them up according to the occasion or your mood. Also, don’t forget to incorporate prints and colours, even in your shoes. Basically, just have fun with it.


Confidence is key

Well Said Mary !

No amount of beautiful, expensive clothes, shoes and accessories will make a difference if you aren’t confident. It shows when you aren’t confident, shoulders slouch and your whole posture goes for a toss. It isn’t fair to be dressed like Naomi Campbell but look like ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’.

Do not get hassled by people who poke fun at your choices, these are people who do not have much going on for them. By providing fodder for their ‘amusement’, think of yourself as contributing to a charitable cause. At the expense of sounding like a cheesy Instagram caption, you are ‘Too glam to give a damn’.


To end I would like to quote designer extraordinaire Yves Saint Laurent, ‘Fashions come and go but style is eternal.’