So you have cleared your HSC in Arts & Humanities and now you are unsure of which career you should go for? It can be difficult to stand at the crossroads where you are unable to decide on a major decision which will affect your future for lifetime.

While many out there think that weak students opt for Arts, don’t let it convince you. Unlike the popular belief, Arts is actually a stream rich of intellectual stimulation. It brings you closer to our historical roots and culture, enhances your creative skills and enriches your understanding of life. With the growing plethora of options, now Arts students have numerous choices to make a career in. If you think your only option is to go into education line like almost everyone suggests, then we are here to prove you wrong. Read on to find out what career opportunities are waiting for you:

Humanities & Social Sciences

As per normal beliefs, career in social sciences is not as boring or less paying. There are so many areas you can explore as per your interests. From sociologists, economists to researchers, you have a wide range of choices to go for. If you are interested in politics then political scientist is the job for you. The highest paying profession in social sciences, political scientists study the past and present political scenario to gain a good understanding of the changing patterns in the current political structure.

If you harbor an interest in both physical and social sciences, then pursuing a career in geography looks like a good choice. The job of geographers is to study about the Earth, ranging from physical elements to cultural history.

Anthropology and archeology are also great subjects for those interested in studying about human origin. These in-depth research subjects include fieldwork excavating from around the world and laboratory studies. It’s a high paying and deeply engaging job for those curious about human origin, behavior and various cultures.
Many of us are also fascinated by the elaborate history of nations. A career as a historian will satisfy your thirst for such knowledge. While most of the historians are employed by the government, others also find well-paying jobs in research organizations, archives, museums and consulting firms.

Investment: Based on the institution, the fee structure in social sciences can fall between Rs. 50,000-1,200,000.

Job Prospects: While the best career option in humanities and social sciences is considered to be a teaching, you can always explore more areas other than the education sector. Anthropologist, archeology, social psychologist, social worker, survey researcher and historian are some of the well-paying jobs in the same.

Pay Scale: The average salary for a social sciences teacher in India is Rs. 300,000 yearly. At college level, you may earn up to Rs. 70,000 per month. Other jobs may range between Rs. 25,000-600,000 per month.



If you are someone who wants to go deep into the human mind and help distressed humans in the process then psychology is your calling. Fields of psychology and psychoanalysis are certainly growing nowadays with the recent awareness towards mental health. However, be prepared because this is a field of extreme patience which takes years of education to get a practicing license. You can start by enrolling in BA (Hons) with Psychology as your area of specialization.

Investment: Based on the course, institution and level of education you are keen on pursuing, the course fees may cost anywhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2,500,000.

Job Prospects: The top job profiles for psychology graduates are professor, clinical psychologist and child psychologist.

Pay Scale: The average salary of a psychology major falls between Rs. 300,000-1,200,000 per annum.


Mass Communication & Journalism

Are you interested in building a career in media and journalism? Then you can opt for courses in mass communication and journalism. With the rise of news portals, papers and magazines, there are certainly many opportunities waiting for journalism enthusiasts. Opt for BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication) which will bring you many opportunities to work in publishing houses, new channels, media houses, radio and internet. The competition is pretty high so be ready to work hard. It’s all about how well you can collect, transmit and deliver information to a greater audience.

Investment: While the fee structure of government colleges may range between Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 100,000, degree from renowned private colleges will cost up to Rs. 350,000-400,000.

Job Prospects: Some of the highest paying job profiles in mass communication and journalism are TV anchor, news editor, senior journalist, junior journalist, screen writer and bloggers. You can also apply for jobs like copywriter, content writer etc.

Pay Scale: The initial remuneration in this field is somewhere around Rs. 12,000-25,000 per month. After 3-4 years of experience, you can rise up the ladder and earn up to Rs. 50,000-100,000.


Film & Theatre

Have a thing for the camera? There are many film and theatre courses you can enroll in. While the film industry is bursting with competition, theatre is also a good option to try. Performing arts is one field where degree does not matter much as natural talent, memorizing and improvisation skills, but formal training will always help you get to where you want.

A tip? It’s always better to start with theatre as unlike films there is no scope for retakes and editing. Once you have refined your acting skills by performing in front of a live audience, you can take a shot at acting in films with more confidence. However, remember to be patient and stay grounded as success in these fields is tough and requires extreme patience.

Investment: From diploma to full course in acting, the course can cost Rs. 200,000 to 500,000.

Job Prospects: While film & theatre is a world full of possibilities, it is also one filled with struggles and hardships. That one big break may not come easy in a platter. Till then, you may just have to begin by performing in gigs, being a community arts worker and drama therapist. Becoming an acting coach in acting schools is also a god profession if you are not really all about being in front of the camera. There are also other behind the camera jobs like film director, camera operator, video producer, marketing executive, advertising art director, public relations officer, production designer and more.

Pay Scale: There is no average pay scale in the film industry. It depends on the level of production, your skills and other related factors.



With the increasing demand of lawyers, law is a growing profession which is not only socially important but also exciting in many ways. You can not only help people as a social service through this profession, but also make a fairly lucrative career. While you may need to work hard to understand the legal system, it’s the professional capability that counts more than academic scores in this particular field. Also, be prepared to work hard because this field requires years of education and professional practice to gain the actual understanding of the profession. There are various options you can select your area of specialization from:

• Criminal Law
• Health Care Law
• Corporate Law
• Civil Law
• Family Law
• Patent Law
• Admiralty Law
• Taxation Law
• Environmental Law
• Administration Law
• Labor Law
• International Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• First Amendment Law

Investment: For a full course, you may have to spend between Rs. 250,000 to 1,500,000.

Job Prospects: With more opportunities opening up for law graduates, now you have many options. You can practice as advocate in court, become an advisor for organizations and private firms, work as a Solicitor General, a public prosecutor or teach in colleges. By clearing exams, you can also become a judge.

Pay Scale: Pay scale in law field depends more on your experience than a degree. The higher your experience and success rate, the better the pay scale. Where beginners earn an average of Rs. 180,000 per annum, experience holders of 20 years and more earn up to Rs. 1,500,000.


Hotel Management & Tourism

If you are one with a keen interest in hospitality and event management then this is an ideal course for you. While you can always study hotel management and tourism in India, studying abroad will bring you many more opportunities. This will give you an understanding of the international environment. Following are some specialization courses you can choose from:

• Hotel Staff
• Travel Attendant
• Food & Beverage ( Chef, kitchen staff, waiter, barista, bar manager, restaurant manager, catering)
• Entertainment Manager
• Event Planner
• Holiday Counselor/Travel Agent
• Air Hostess

Investment: Based on the institution, the fee expenditure for this course may range anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 300,000.

Job Prospects: Hotel management and tourism can expose you to many career opportunities in various sectors. You can get into airlines catering, cabin services, cruise ship hotel management and hospitality services in Indian Navy if you have a love for exploring places.

Furthermore, there are glamorous jobs like club management, managing guest houses & resorts, and hospitality services in MNCs. Other job profiles include working in hotel & tourism associations, hospital administration & catering, forest lodges, and catering in banks, railways, armed forces & shipping companies. You can also become an entrepreneur.

Pay Scale: The initial salary for a hotel management graduate can be anywhere between Rs. 7,000 to 10,000. With time and experience, the pay scale keeps increasing.


Product & Industrial Design

This particular field is for those who have a creative flair for design and development. This is a high paying job where you are supposed to create three dimensional products. This is a perfect concoction of art, science and technology that come together to create something attractive and industrially feasible. Product designing is one profession that requires creative and technical genius but is also one in high demand. Success in this field completely depends on your vision and skills. You can start with enrolling in Bachelor of Design (BDes) with specialization in Industrial and Product Design.

Investment: Studying design from professional institutes may cost anywhere between Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 1,300,000.

Job Prospects: From product designer, UX/UI designer, mechanical engineer to product design & development engineer, there are many career opportunities in field with the biggest brands and companies in the world.

Pay Scale: On average, a product designer earns up to Rs. 560,000 per year.


Fashion Designing

With the growing fashion awareness, there is certainly a high demand for fashion designers in the industry. If you think you have what it takes then you should try your fate at fashion designing and technology. Like performing arts, this is also one field where your talent is what matters most other than the degree. However, professional training will help you better yourself and gain an understanding of the changing trends. You can enroll in diploma courses or full-fledged professional course for a better portfolio. After receiving your degree you can gain some professional experience by working as assistant designers or interns.

Investment: Fashion designing is an elaborate course which requires a lot of practical labor which can really affect the expenditure involved. A degree from a renowned professional institute can cost you anywhere between Rs. 1,000,000 to 2,000,000.

Job Prospects: Fashion designing graduates can get into fashion designing, fashion blogging and styling easily.

Pay Scale: At beginner’s level, one can earn approximately Rs. 15,000-35,000 per month. With experience and skills, this number can increase up to Rs. 200,000.


Jewelry Designing

Another field of creative design, jewelry designing is a fast growing industry. It requires hard work and deep understanding of precious metals and stones. Good sketching and a creative mind are your foremost requirements for this field. A professional course will only refine your thinking and skills. Many high end jewelry houses hire designers for exceptional one of a kind designs. You can also work under established designers or launch your own line in the market. Start by enrolling in BDes (Bachelor of Design) with Jewelry Design as your area of specialization from a renowned institution.

Investment: Based on the institute, diploma or graduate course in jewelry designing can cost anywhere between Rs. 30,000-500,000.

Job Prospects: You can get begin by working as assistant to renowned jewelry designers. Once you gain enough experience and learn the tactics of the environment, you can have your own individual enterprise.

Pay Scale: While in the beginning you will earn around Rs. 112,000 per year, with more time in the industry you can earn up to Rs. 700,000.


Cooking & Baking

There are many who love the art of cooking and baking. How about you take this hobby to another level and make a career out of it? A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine a career in the culinary field but now it is a booming industry. You can enroll in culinary schools and colleges that specialize in these fields. The possibilities are endless. You can get employed at high-end gourmet restaurants or become a restaurateur yourself. Many foreign institutions offer short-term courses that will help you gain knowledge of international cuisine. Hotel Management courses can also be a good option to start with.

Investment: The average fee for culinary courses in India range between Rs. 50,000-100,000.

Job Prospects: There are many job profiles opening up for culinary graduates with the exposure the hospitality business has earned overtime. You can become a professional chef in hotels, resorts, restaurants; be a general or restaurant manager or have your own restaurant. A very lucrative career these days is that of food blogging.

Pay Scale: Initially, in this industry, you can make up to Rs. 120,000. This figure can go up to Rs. 450,000 with time and experience.



Have good speaking skills? Good at communicating with people? Anchoring is your pick! Earlier, anchoring was only limited to radio stations. However, with the rise of television and event entertainment, the spectrum for anchoring has also increased.

The path is pretty easy. You can get a diploma in anchoring/broadcasting/dubbing or simply appear for selection tests for various radio stations, TV channels and events. This is a creative field that is all about your talking skills, personality, sense of humor and knowledge of current affairs.

Investment: Anchoring courses vary in duration and fees with every institute. Based on that, it may cost you anywhere between Rs. 15,000-100,000.

Job Prospects: Gone are the days, when anchoring was only limited to news channels and radios. Now anchors can make good career into anchoring by participating in corporate events, media functions, award shows, comedy shows, game shows and reality shows.

Pay Scale: While a fresher in anchoring can earn an average salary of Rs. 120,000, with experience this figure can increase up to Rs. 1,000,000.


Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a field of possibilities for those interested in animation and visual media. Digital illustration, photo editing, designing concepts, these are some of the engaging tasks that graphic designers perform. With the growing world of visual media, the opportunities are more and so is the remuneration. Based on your skills and education, you can earn pretty well. You can enroll in diploma courses, however, it’s always better to go for professional courses. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Graphic Design as specialization shall suffice for a kick start to your career.

Investment: Graphic designing from a renowned institute may cost anywhere between Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500,000.

Job Prospects: With the need for virtual presence, every company needs a graphic designer to prepare website layouts. There are many openings for graphic designers in various industries.

Pay Scale: The average pay scale of graphic artists and designers fall between Rs. 120,000 to Rs. 600,000.


Visual Arts

If your heart lies in painting, sculpturing and photography, then visual arts is your ideal option. There are many courses available in visual arts that can help you refine your skills and display your work at craft fairs and exhibitions. Some potential career options in visual arts are:

• Architecture
• Photography
• Art Editor
• Artist
• Cinematography
• Curator
• Artist
• Interior Decoration
• Museum Director
• Painter
• Sculptor
• Teacher/Professor

Investment: Based on the course and institute, the average course fees for visual arts ranges between Rs. 75,000-500,000.

Job Prospects: Visual arts graduates can work in job profiles like fine artists, photographer, illustrator, animators, art administrators, art director and so on.

Pay Scale: The average salary for a visual artist is Rs. 470,000.


Gaming & Animation

With the rising popularity of online games, gaming & animation is one field that can make you a lucrative career. Developing a game is all about technical creative skills. If you are passionate about it, you can certainly be on the top of your game. More and more institutions are entertaining this as a profession of respect. With a good degree from a professional college, you can explore a wide range of specializations like:

• Game Designer
• Game Artist
• Rendering Artist
• 2D/3D Animator
• Game Programmer
• Modeler
• Audio Engineer
• Animator
• Texture Artist
• Background Artist
• Level Editor
• Digital Ink & Paint Artist

Investment: The course fees of gaming and animation courses depend on the course and duration. A full course from a good institute may cost anywhere between Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500,000.

Job Prospects: As mentioned earlier, gaming and animation graduates can find jobs in various profiles: game designers, modelers, animators, programmers and so on.

Pay Scale: While junior animators and trainees earn around Rs. 15,000 per month, with experience you can get up to Rs. 60,000.


Management & Finance

Do you have an interest in management and finance but don’t know how to start in this field? Finance managers are high in demand in organizations as they are responsible for various important tasks such as monitoring the cash flow, arranging finances, performing investment analysis, sourcing funds and more. You can start by enrolling in BCom, BFIA (Bachelor in Financial and Investment Analysis), BEco CA Foundation courses or professional courses like CA (Chartered Accountant), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and MFC ( Masters in Finance Control). Some good job profiles in this field are:

• Finance Managers
• Merchant Bankers
• Equity Analyst
• Portfolio Managers
• Treasury Managers

Investment: The average course fee for management and finance may fall between Rs. 10,000-800,000.

Job Prospects: There are many job profiles that you can look explore in the field of management and finance like accountants, auditors, budget analysts, financial analysts, insurance sales agents, personal financial advisers and so on.

Pay Scale: While the initial average pay scale of a finance specialist is Rs. 780,000, a senior finance manager can earn up to Rs. 3,000,000 yearly.


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