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How to Make Garlic Paste at Home? 

Garlic cloves are very important for health. Raw garlic is considered as good remedy for many diseases like- high BP, high cholesterol etc. And, garlic paste is like a twisted form of using garlic cloves and basically served with many starters as a dipping and…


How to make garlic bread with cheese? 

Garlic bread with cheese is a very tasty dish for those who want quick quick breakfast. Garlic bread can make someone’s day happy with it’s mesmerising taste. You should really try the recipe below. Ingredient for Cheese Garlic Bread Recipe (2 servings) 4 bread slices,…

How to Make Garlic Chutney Recipe

How to Make Garlic Chutney? 

Garlic chutney is a very famous dip from south india used with dosa, idli, vada etc. and is a great taste enhancer to the food too. The blend of cloves with red chilli make it more delicious. Follow this recipe and make your food more…