Laced with intriguing performances and a smart storyline, Badla is a gripping watch for movie lovers out there.

Released on March 8th, 2019, Badla is a suspense thriller directed by acclaimed director Sujoy Ghosh who also has movies like Kahaani, Teen and Jhankaar Beats in his list of accolades. Adapted from a Spanish film, The Invisible Ghost, Badla is an arresting watch. With a stunning star cast of celebrated actors like Taapsee Pannu, Amitabh Bachchan, and Amrita Singh, this one is a fascinating story that raves of everything good you can expect in crime suspense.

The good thing about Ghosh’s direction is he knows how to grip his audience from the beginning. Badla gets you thinking from the moment you see an impeccably dressed Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of lawyer Badal Gupta walking through the streets of Scotland to meet Taapsee Pannu who appears in the role of a successful businesswomen Naina Sethi allegedly framed for murder.

The film engages you by the smart conversations that the two indulge in from both ends of the table. The film picks up speed with every passing minute which is required of any suspense to keep those watching occupied.

Taapsee’s performance as the youngest businessperson of the year struggling to keep her fame and family intact is gripping and will make you sympathize with her. As the story grows and the other characters come forward, you are left questioning which is what makes it a worthy flick.

Bachchan’s witty portrayal of a celebrated lawyer who has a history of victories in his cases is commendable. The dark and subtly humored dialogues by Bachchan keeps you charmed. Acclaimed actor Manav Kaul appears a number of times in the film but there’s not much for him to do.

Tony Luke, as Arjun, is a fresh face who with his unusual Southern accent appears like that charming boy next door with a box of secrets. Amrita Singh’s performance as a helpless mother with a terrifying fire to avenge her son’s death may remind you of Sridevi’s Mom released in 2017. British actor Tanveer Ghani as Amrita’s husband Nirmal appears more of an android reciting lines when required. Since most of the screen presence is given to the main two leads (Pannu and Bachchan), you are almost hooked to figure out how the mystery unravels.

The nonlinear storytelling is not confusing but actually keeps you engrossed on how the plot progresses. The absence of song sequences make it different than the typical dramatic Bollywood movies. This is perhaps what makes the film a pleasure to watch.

The to the point direction devoid of the usual traditional crime masala movies keeps your heart pulsating like it’s straight out of a novel. Although the climax is predictable and not really a surprise as the title is a bit of a spoiler too, it is the acts put up by the lead actors that makes it an exceptional watch. Bachchan is like a vulture prying on his subject’s vulnerabilities while Pannu’s rendering of a business-oriented woman adamant on proving her innocence is extremely convincing.

Badla is another suspense flick with the usually expected script. What makes it rich is commendable performances, exotic locations, engaging details, and great direction by a good team put together.

We will rate this one 3.5/5.