Author: KajalDhamija


How to Make Dal Makhani at Home? 

Dal Makhani is one of those dishes in North India which one always orders when  dining outside like any Paneer dish. Dal makhani is basically originates from Punjab but now is served internationally due to its rich taste. The cream spread over the dal adds…


How to Make Biscuits at Home? 

It is not a difficult task to bake biscuits or cookies at home. Homemade biscuits are very delicious and a perfect evening snack. You can follow the recipe given below for trying them at home. Ingredients: 2 cups of Aata (all purpose flour) ¾ cup…


How to Make Garlic Paste at Home? 

Garlic cloves are very important for health. Raw garlic is considered as good remedy for many diseases like- high BP, high cholesterol etc. And, garlic paste is like a twisted form of using garlic cloves and basically served with many starters as a dipping and…