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How to Stay Fit on Vacation? 

When you have been working out tirelessly at the gym, a vacation may put a halt on your regime to a perfect body. A vacation means ditching your usual diet, irregular schedule, fun and so many new experiences. But if you don’t pay attention, the…


How is Holi Celebrated in India? 

India is a country rich in festivals and events that bring the nation together in wonderful ways. Holi is one such festival that fills the hearts of the multitude with pure joy. Holi, also considered the festival of colors and love, is a spring festival…


How is Holika Dahan Celebrated in India? 

Indian mythology is filled with legends of victory of good over evil. We celebrate these legends with much zeal and enthusiasm. With the upcoming festival of Holi, India is again preparing for the celebration of triumph of devotion over evil. Celebrated on the Phalgun Poornima…