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Who are we? We are all about life and more. CheckItHow is a team of creative souls who want to explore everything. We scribble about all that matters and that’s trivial. From food, travel, lifestyle, relationships to everyday topics that cross your mind, we cover it all. Why you ask? Because we are curious about all that happens in our daily lives.

We have a passion for life in general. We are a squad of young minds that harbor a spirit to question and know everything. Which is why, here, we talk about everything. From your daily dose of fashion, food to daily motivation and this and that, we write about all that’s right now.

With a digital reach to millions of readers, we are ambitious about inspiring minds every day. We write simply for the love of life. Headquartered at Jaipur, Rajasthan, our aim is to reach everyone who loves sipping on life slow and heartily like we do.